Broughty Ferry success

Anne P writes: Following our first regatta of the season at Broughty yesterday, I’d like to say a big thank you to all who contributed towards the day. A lot of preparation goes into each and every regatta and it’s certainly not just about the the day itself. So a huge thank you to everyone who got us there, from the last minute repair work to Ferry Maid which allowed us to race in our familiar boat, to those who helped prepare and load the boat and equipment for the day, those who have given up their time to cox teams and race with teams knowing they couldn’t be there on the day and those who have been working hard on the water to prepare themselves for the day.

The 60+ medal winners – gold for the men, silver for the women

The day itself was certainly very interesting… a challenging course, a fast flowing tide and a solid obstacle of a buoy which caught a number of clubs out at the first turn. A special mention is due to the rowers for whom this was their first regatta. A longer than usual, and tricky, course didn’t seem to put anyone off and everyone gave their best.

Congratulations to the 60+ teams – their hard work gained them well deserved medals, gold for the men and silver for the women.

I’m sure everyone has taken something away from the day, including a determination to keep working hard; training and team work pay off. Thank you to Alistair and his team who towed the boat and had the gazebo erected in double quick time – we needed it!

Thanks also to Peter and co, who had the Maid off the trailer, washed and ready for social rowing this afternoon!

Tides for the week of 20-26 May

Rachel writes: After a very disruptive week of low tides, all is well again for us for this coming week!!  All sessions will be as normal .

Monday 20th May
10.34– 0.7 m L. 16.56 — 5.8 m H. 22.44 — 0.8 m L

Tuesday 21st
11.08 — 0.8 m L. 17.40 — 5.6 m H. 23.07 — 1.0 m L

Wednesday 22nd
11.32 — 1.0 m L. 18.21– 5.4 m H. 23.23 — 1.3 m L

Thursday 23rd
11.39 – 1.2 m L. 19.02 — 5.2 m H 23.47 – 1.6 m L

Friday 24th
07.11 – 5.0 m H. 12.10 – 1.5 m L. 19.44 — 4.9 m H

Saturday 25th
07.51 — 4.8 m H. 12.55 — 1.8 m L. 20.29 — 4.7 m H

Sunday 26th
08.38 — 4.6 m H. 14.36 — 2.0 m L 21.22 — 4.5 m H

Plenty afternoon and evening rowing availability!

Ferry Maid is away to Broughty Ferry today with about 25 rowers.
Good luck everyone, for the first regatta of the season.

Tide for 13-19 May

Rachel writes: This weekend is a busy one for the Marina and we at QRC hope to introduce the joy of coastal rowing to many new people. This is an opportunity to attract new members, just like we have done the past few years.

This coming week, is not a good week of tides for us, in fact the worst for a while!!

Monday 13th May
10.23 – 4.9 m H. 17.09 -1.5 m L

Tuesday 14th
11.35 – 5.0 m H. 18.16 – 1.2 m L No social rowing – low tide.

Wednesday 15th
06.36 – 1.6 m L. 12.39 – 5.3 m H 19.17 -0.9 m L. No evening training – low tide.

Thursday 16th
07.34 -1.3 m L. 13.37 – 5.5 m H 20.12– 0.7 m L No evening rowing – low tide.

Friday 17th
08.27 – 1.0 m L. 14.31 — 5.7 m H. 20.59 — 0.6 m L

Saturday 18th
09.14 — 0.8 m L. 15.23 — 5.8 m H No morning session – low tide.

Sunday 19th
09.56 — 0.7 m L. 16.11– 5.8 m H No early training but social session as normal

On Saturday 18th, Ferry Maid and several rowers will be away to Broughty Ferry Regatta — good luck!!

On Sunday 19th — pop along to the 1pm session, the Zuiderman Cruise Liner will be docked east of Inchgarvie. Also – The Flying Scotsman will cross the Forth Bridge from Dalmeny at 13.57 .We have two great Saltires for our skiffs!!

Tides for 6-12 May

Rachel writes: All is well for our 6pm social sessions this week. Please come along and get these sessions going well. Come along also at the weekend and have a row with some ‘Come and Try’ visitors!

Monday 6th May
09.57 – 0.8 m L. 16.59 — 5.6 m H. 22.03 — 0.8 m L

Tuesday 7th
10.26 — 0.8 m L. 17.39 — 5.6 m H. 22.31 — 0.8 m L

Wednesday 8th
10.54 — 0.9 m L. 18.20 — 5.5 m H. 23.04 – 1.0 m L

Thursday 9th
11.29 — 1.1 m L. 19.05 — 5.4 m H. 23.44 — 1.3 m L

Friday 10th
07.27 — 5.2 m H. 12.16 — 1.3 m L 19.53 — 5.2 m H

Saturday 11th
08.17 — 5.0 m H. 13.21 — 1.5 m L. 20.47 —5.0 m H — Port Edgar Open Day

Sunday 12th
09.15 — 4.9 m H. 15.49 — 1.6 m L 21.50 — 4.9 m H — Port Edgar Open Day

Breakwater blitz

Rachel writes: The tide is low again on Saturday morning, and we have an opportunity before our Man Overboard training at 11am to get on to the breakwater and have a clear up. This is all part of the Queensferry Rowing Club’s Green Flag effort.



When we were on the breakwater the last time, there was a lot of damaging plastics and ropes, and lots more rubbish evident.  Please come along and help as a club group. We are recording all our plastics and waste removal as part of our report, but primarily we are attempting to keep Port Edgar Marina free of this waste on a regular basis. There are always nurdles to remove  also.


Take Five for the Forth  is our slogan!


So, the schedule for Saturday April 4th is:
09.30  — Breakwater clean up.   Sturdy shoes and rubber gloves needed. 
11.00 — MOB training.


Many thanks, hope to see some of you there.