Tides for 17-23 February 2020

Dónal writes: Well done to those intrepid few that managed to get a row on Saturday before Storm Dennis arrived.  I have just seen that on Friday 21st and into Saturday 22nd winds will be gusting 40-50+ mph right up until midday on the 22nd. We will keep an eye on that and advise closer to the time. We would need a pontoon on Saturday.

Monday 17th February
0911— 4.8m H. 1437 — 2.1 m L. 2148 – 4.8 m H.

Tuesday 18th February
1021 — 4.7m H. 1708 — 2.1 m L 2302 — 4.8 m H.

Wednesday 19th February
0553 — 2.0 m L 1132 — 4.8 m H. 1834 — 1.8m L.

Thursday 20th February
0653 — 1.9 m L 1237 — 5.0 m H. 1932 — 1.5 m L

Friday 21st February
0739 — 1.7 m L. 1334 — 5.2 m H. 1818 — 1.3 m L.

Saturday 22nd February
0816 — 1.5 m L. 1421 — 5.4 m H. 2054 — 1.1 m L. Pontoon Needed

Sunday 23rd February
0844 – 1.3 m L. 1502 — 5.5 m H. 2121 — 1.0 m L.

Ceilidh success

Marianne writes: What a fab night!  And who knew we had so many wonderful dancers – even Ewan from the band commented on it, and said it was one of the best nights he’s played at!  And this is his job, so knows a thing or two about it!

Huge thanks to Val, Tracey, Steph and Lorna for all the help with organising (what a team!); to Dónal for helping with the set-up; Tansy, Stuart, Paul, Tobi etc. for helping with the clear-up.

The bottle coin roll raised an incredible £170 pounds – thanks to Keith and Rory for organising! The Nifty Knotters made £175 – well done! And after expenses, we should clear over £400 for club funds.

Dónal mans the Nifty Knots stall. Photo by Marianne
Most of all, thank you to everyone who supported this club event: members, friends, families.

We might do another ceilidh one day… but the Social Subgroup – myself, Tracey, Steph, Val and Lorna – will need an extended lie down in a darkened room before we contemplate that!

Photo by Marianne

A footnote: We had a small blue and white tartan handbag handed in at the end of the night. It has something rather important inside…. I’m hoping we’ll be able to reunite someone with the bag soon.

More photos from the ceilidh on Flickr.

Click here to watch a video on the Facebook group.

Fundraising fun at the ceilidh

Keith writes: As well as having a great time at tomorrow night’s QRC ceilidh, there is a chance to help fundraising for our club. Rory and I are organising a Pound and Bottle game of skill during the food break. For this to be a success can I implore you to remember to bring as many pound coins as you might want to use to get the chance to win a fine bottle of fizz or (yes, two chances) a good bottle of single malt whisky. I will organise a float of £1 coins which can be exchanged for paper money, but if you could bring pound coins that would be great.

It’s a pound a shot, as many shots as you like. Nearest coin to the bottle wins. A good shot can knock the nearest coin away so that you are nearest. Underhand rolling or sliding are the only permissible ways to play.
There will be a line on the floor so no-one can creep forward. As, like me,
some of you are older I will provide a mat on which you can kneel. Only one person at a time can play, so that we can identify the leading coin.


The social subgroup adds: Remember – tickets include food at half time, and it’s BYOB, so get your ‘carry-oot’ organised!  It would also help if you could bring your own glasses, and take home any recycling (otherwise we have to take it home!).

 The QRC Nifty Knotters will have a wee stand, so please have a look at their fabulous, handcrafted monkey fist products, which all are for sale.

We will have a small number of tickets for sale at the door on the night (in addition to those of you who have already contacted the team). Doors open at 19:00, Ewan Galloway and his band are looking to playing for us, and we hope you have a great night!

Tides for 10-16 February 2020

Dónal writes: Well this last weekend was interesting, not a lot of rowing but a congratulations to all our newly qualified coxes (Alan D, Stephanie, Jon and Tracey), great additions to the club.

Looking at this week, it is going to be another windy one, with the exception of Thursday. Next Sunday’s forecast is showing gales of 50+ mph so we will keep an eye on that and make a decision later in the week

Monday 10th February
0907— 0.9m L. 1542 — 6.0 m H. 2147 – 0.4 m L.

Tuesday 11th February
0949 — 0.8m L 1628 — 6.1 m H 2226 — 0.3 m L.

Wednesday 12th February
1025 — 0.8 m L 1715 — 6.1 m H. 2256 — 0.3m L.

Thursday 13th February
1100 — 0.9 m L 1803 — 5.9 m H. 2326 — 0.6 m L

Friday 14th February
0628 — 5.7 m H. 1137 — 1.1 m L. 1851 — 5.7 m H.

Saturday 15th February
0718— 5.4 m H. 1221 — 1.4 m L. 1942 — 5.4 m H.

Sunday 16th February
0811 – 5.1 m H. 1318 — 1.8 m L. 2039 — 5.1 m H.

Trainee coxes returning from a challenging man overboard exercise on Saturday. Photo by John Howell