Breakwater Blitz on Saturday

Rachel writes: We have no boats on Saturday, as both will be away to the Castle to Crane event. So there will be no social rowing, but do come and  Take Five for the Forth, as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day.

You can help in many ways, even you don’t want to clamber on the rocks removing plastics etc.  There are plenty of nurdles (see below) to be removed, just by the grassy bank, plus collecting bags and so on.  If planning to join us, can you bring two or three strong black bags?
We are hoping for bacon rolls from 10am to start us off. The weather is looking very favourable.

For those wondering, nurdles are tiny plastic pellets that have accumulated in a corner of the marina in their thousands. Read about them here.

QRC volunteers collecting nurdles earlier this year

Tides for the week of 16-22 September

Dónal writes: Tides are good this week for social rowing on all days. Note that there will be no social rowing session on Saturday, as both boats are taking part in the Castle to Crane race. They will be loaded on to their road trailers after Thursday evening’s session, ready to be towed to Dumbarton. Any help with that task would be much appreciated!

Monday 16th September
1008—0.8 m L. 1711 — 5.5 m H. 2224 – 1.0 m L

Tuesday 17th September
1038 — 0.9 m L 1746 — 5.5 m H 2252 — 1.1 m L.

Wednesday 18th September
1101 — 1.0 m L 1823 — 5.4 m H. 2313 — 1.3 m L

Thursday 19th September
1125 — 1.2 m L 1902 — 5.2 m H. 2338 — 1.4 m L

Friday 20th September
0719 — 5.2 m H. 1156 — 1.4 m L. 1942 — 5.1 m H NB: Boats not available.

Saturday 21st September
0802 — 5.0 m H. 1236 — 1.7 m L. 2227 — 4.9 m H NB: No social rowing – Castle to Crane.

Sunday 22nd September
0851 — 4.8 m H. 1328 — 2.1 m L. 2117 — 4.7 m H

High winds forced the cancellation of the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge on Saturday. However, one crew popped in to the shed for a chat:

Photo by Rachel Holburn

No decision has been made yet on whether to reschedule this year’s challenge or to skip a year. There was a great response this year – five keen crews have been busy learning to row.

Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge

Peter writes: After last Saturday’s Youth Regatta, with the wonderful Club involvement and magnificent effort, I am asking for your help again! Some of you have already come forward- what is needed is two crews to get the skiffs to Hawes Pier and bring them home after the event, assistance in getting crews on and off the water, and help at the start line. Alistair did a magnificent job last year, but whoever does it can always use a bit of help with times etc. Nothing too fancy as there are just two boats in each heat.

Volunteers help the racers launch

The first race is at 1300hrs so it would be good to be getting skiffs ready and down to Hawes around from about 1200hrs. I hope we will be finished around 1600hrs or sooner. Social rowing will of course take place in the morning and I wait to see what plans are made for that. A low tide around 0900hrs will mean a later start unless arrangements have been made for pontoons. This is as always a fun event, so let me know if you can assist.

One of the heats at last year’s Challenge

The outline plan for the afternoon’s competition is as follows:

Police Scotland
Queensferry Rotary Club
Holyrood Touch Rugby
Scottish Parliament Broadcasting
Scottish Parliament 1
Queensferry Sub Aqua Club (Current title holders!)

Times and Heats:
1300 Heat 1 Scottish Parliament Broadcasting v Queensferry Sub Aqua Club
1330 Heat 2 Scottish Parliament 1 v Queensferry Rotary Club
1400 Heat 3 Police Scotland v Holyrood Touch Rugby
1430 Heat 4 The winning team with the fastest time will qualify for the final and the two slower teams will race again for their place in the final
1500 Final

The trophy will be presented by Jenni Meldrum, and the prize-giving will take place on the Promenade in the area of the race start line.

See you there!

Tides for the week 9-15 September

Dónal writes: Here are the tide times for the week. We might have to wait a wee bit on Saturday for water, but apart from that it all looks good.

Monday 9th September
0645 – 2.1m L 1222 – 4.8m H 1859 – 2.2m L

Tuesday 10th September
0745 – 1.8m L 1324 – 5.0m H 19.48 – 2.0m L

Wednesday 11th September
0832 – 1.5m L 1415 – 5.2m H 2028 – 1.8m L

Thursday 12th September
0910 – 1.3m L 14.58 – 5.4m H 2055 – 1.6m L

Friday 13th September
0939 – 1.2m L 1534 – 5.5m H 2034 – 1.4m L

Saturday 14th September
0855 – 1.0m L 1406 – 5.5m H 2112 1.2m L

Sunday 15th September
0932 – 0.9m L 1638 – 5.5m H 2150 – 1.0m L

Portsoy Regatta Report

The Portsoy Regatta this year was held as a stand-alone event, separate from the Boat Festival – and retained all of the fun and excitement of previous years!

Queensferry was joined by a group of rowers from Kinghorn for this regatta, so that a full range of crews could participate across the different race categories.

The regatta started with reasonably good weather on the Saturday morning, overcast but dry and not a lot of wind; the first race was the Men’s Open 2K race. Hotly contested by ten crews, and won by Golspie, in a time of 13 minutes 42 seconds, Queensferry came in 6th position, with a time of 14 minutes and 22 seconds. Altogether, there was only 1 minute and 18 seconds between 1st and last in a very exciting race.

Next up was the Women’s Open 2K race, contested by 9 crews. The Portsoy Quines won this race in 14 minutes and 37 seconds, with Queensferry crossing the line in 9th place with a time of 16 minutes and 18 seconds, just 3 seconds behind 8th place holders Findhorn.

The Mens 50+ 2K race was contested by 8 crews and won by Golspie in a time of 13 minutes and 42 seconds. Queensferry, although coming 3rd in their wave (fending off a very strong challenge from Portsoy over the entire race) ended up in 5th place, with a time of 14 minutes and 47 seconds.

By the time of the Womens 230+ 2K race conditions had worsened, with the wind picking up and the rain coming on. Queensferry were again in the second wave and had a fairly miserable time waiting to begin, however once the race had started Queensferry held on with the bunch up to about 300 metres to the turning buoy, at which point the wind really picked up and the rain got heavier. The ladies fought valiantly against the conditions but the pack got away from us and Queensferry had to deal with a much stronger wind on the approach to the turning buoy. Once round the buoy Queensferry came home in 8th place.

Following the Womens 230+ race an early lunch was called, in the hope that conditions would improve. Sadly, they didn’t and racing was cancelled for the rest of the day, when conditions became positively biblical in nature! One triumph for Queensferry was that our sturdy gazebo stood up when all others failed! Imagine solid rain flying sideways in a wind of 40mph in the gusts – in may ways it was a great relief when the team at Portsoy called a halt!

Sunday dawned fair but a northerly wind had set in, making the channel out of the harbour to tricky to attempt in rowing boats, so racing was cancelled for the day.

Despite the curtailed racing, an excellent time was had by all – Portsoy lived up to their reputation as a very hospitable club with superb food on offer at the Salmon Bothy and a most enjoyable 60s, 70s and 80s disco in the wonderfully refurbished Church Hall on Saturday evening (if only I had remembered to take the chest wig and gold medallion along!).

Altogether this was an exciting regatta and one that deserves a place in every Club’s calendar for next year!
Post submitted by Mike Breewood.