A green resolution for 2019

Club vice-captain Rachel writes: I have proposed, and have the approval of the committee, to aim for us at QRC to work towards the SCRA Green Flag Award. This is an initiative that started about two years ago, when Anstruther started the “bring your own cup” initiative for regattas. At the SCRA  AGM in October, a further four clubs were awarded a “green flag”. Many more clubs are now working on it.
The SCRA Green Flag
To achieve this flag and recognition is fairly easy. It’s all about being aware, picking up, and recording.
We will write a short report prior to next year’s AGM about what we have done and why we think we at QRC should be considered for a Green Flag Award. It just takes us all as members/rowers to carry out what we already know – making for a better environment, on and off the water.
We would aim to keep our surroundings, on and off the water, free of plastic and other rubbish. We are lucky at Queensferry to have so many beautiful beach stopovers  to visit when out rowing. We all want the coastal areas to become plastic-free and rubbish-free. We at Queensferry can do our bit leading up to 2020, Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters.
We have already started paper/plastic recycling in the shed. We need a taller bin for this, anyone got one going spare?  Please help by removing this recycling to your own blue bins at home, when you are aware it is full.
Fresh bags are in the drawer. Some of us are good at taking away the glass empties, and the maintenance crew were good at taking away the empty paint tins etc! We already make sure any disposable cups are recyclable.
There are many ways we can go about this, so can we work together sharing ideas and make plans. I have been in touch with Ali Grant from the SCRA committee, who is leading this, and she looks forward to receiving our report, should we go ahead with this. I would like help to co-ordinate this so please email me directly at rachelholburn@gmail.com if you are willing to help, or to share ideas.
As an incentive, we can run an in-house competition for the most unusual item found, prize to be considered!! 
There is a report on the Green Flag awards on the SCRA websitePlease have a wee look at it.
Barbara adds: Above is a photo of a clean-up at Port Edgar back in 2009, and the rubbish haul for the day. The marina is a lot tidier these days, but there is still a lot of litter floating around. If you spot a bit of rubbish, pick it up, record it and dispose of it correctly. City of Edinburgh Council has an online guide to recycling – check it out to see what goes in which bin. West Lothian Council has a page of hints and tips that is also well worth a read.