Covid-19 and club subscriptions

Club Treasurer Marion writes: The Committee has agreed to defer payment of subscriptions which would have been due from the 1st April, until the beginning of whichever month it is agreed that rowing can  recommence. At that time the amount will be reduced pro rata, ie if it was August then only 2/3 rds would be due. Hope you are all keeping well.

A toast at Port Laing on Dónal’s birthday row in March last year.

Barbara here. Rowing may be out for the duration, but QRC’s club spirit endures. Val has organised a few virtual gatherings via the Zoom app and they’ve been a lot of fun. The one in the photo was organised to help Lesley celebrate her birthday, hence Val’s glorious hat and Keith’s raised glass. In the bottom left corner you can just make out Jennifer’s pile of beautifully chopped veg, ready for the chicken stir-fry she was making. On another chat, people showed off their cats.

It’s free and reasonably easy to set up:  The phone app is available in the appropriate app store.

A QRC WhatsApp group has also been set up – 32 people in that so far. Admins are Dónal, Anne P, Keith, Marianne and me, email any one of us to join that once you’ve installed the app on your phone.

Now that most of us are restricted to one walk/cycle per day for exercise, the internet – especially YouTube – offers a lot of inspiration for those keen to keep up their fitness ready for a return to rowing.

First up, a pep talk from the Mayo Clinic.

Getting serious now: keep-fit exercises for rowers without a boat or a rowing machine.

Planking is excellent for the core.

And here’s a twenty-minute workout with no equipment.

Finally, a shout-out to all those club members who, as essential staff, are still out there working. Thank you all.

Nurses wearing virus detection equipment back in 2014.




Club activities suspended

Club captain Anne P writes: In the light of the developing situation  and guidance regards Covid-19, Queensferry Rowing Club will be suspending all activities with immediate effect.

The committee will continue to monitor and discuss any developments and provide updates as appropriate.

Take care everyone and don’t be worried about reaching out if you need help with anything. Best wishes to you all.

Tides for 16-22 March

Dónal writes: Well that was a disappointment at the weekend, with the slipway being blocked on Saturday morning and it being too windy on Sunday. But well done to all those that took part in the Breakwater Blitz, that was a great job you did.

Blitzers hard at work on Sunday – their haul was 15 bags. Photo by Rachel H

Looking ahead to next week, we have enough water on both days but we will be keeping an eye on government guidelines on Covid-19 throughout the week to see where we stand by Saturday. Stay safe everyone.

Monday 16th March
0743— 5.0m H.   1254 — 1.7 m L.   2015 – 5.0 m H.

 Tuesday 17th March
0842 — 4.7m H.  1418 — 2.1 m  L    2126 — 4.6 m H.

 Wednesday 18th March
0957 — 4.5 m H   1710 — 2.1 m L.   2245 — 4.6m H. 

 Thursday 19th March
1113 — 4.6 m H    1824 —  1.8 m L.  2356— 4.7 m H

 Friday 20th March
0636 — 2.0 m L.   1218 — 4.9 m H.   1915 — 1.5 m L.

 Saturday 21st March
0720 — 1.8 m L.   1313 — 5.1 m H.   1958 — 1.2 m L.        

 Sunday 22nd March
0756 – 1.5 m L.   1359 — 5.3 m H.   2031 — 1.1 m L.

QRC and Covid-19

Club secretary Lorna writes (on behalf of QRC committee members): I would like to let you all know that the committee are monitoring the current situation regarding the coronavirus and how it could affect the comings and goings  of QRC, especially the social gatherings within the shed.

Depending on what comes out of the COBRA meeting this afternoon, we should be proactive in helping to stop the spread of the virus.  At present, we would recommend members only come to the shed if necessary and at their own risk.

I hope this is enough information at the moment and will keep you posted
on any further developments.

Keith adds: Could I ask that all members take into account that our shed
is a place where we share food and drink. In doing that we also share mugs, cups, teapot, knives, spoons, worktop, table, dish towels etc. Please do your bit to minimise risk to yourself and other club members by ensuring that any catering equipment and surfaces are  kept and left as clean you you possibly can. There are cleaning materials in the cupboard below the sink.

Think!  Could I take that grubby dish towel home and put it in the
washing machine? We can all do our bit and by doing so help prevent transmission of Covid-19 and other viruses to each other.

Here’s the NHS guide to washing your hands properly. (Extra points if it is indeed your birthday!)


Ferry Lass lovelifying

Mark writes: Ferry Lass has been turned over and the brass strip on the keel removed. The keel is still drying and here’s the plan:

Tuesday, 10 March, 1000: Meet at the shed. Sand the sides and bottom of the keel, being careful not to take too much off the edges. Prime keel, first of two coats. Needs two or three people.

Wednesday, 11 March, 1000: Meet at the shed. Sand keel’s first coat primer very lightly and apply a second coat.

Volunteers please let me know at mameredith(at)

The new brass keel strips should arrive on Wednesday or Thursday and we can then plan the next phase of work.

Mark and co working on the Maid in November last year