Maintenance and repair update

Mike McD has an update on the hard work going on behind the scenes. He writes:  I think Mike B should be congratulated on a quick repair of the ‘new’ bow oar, which is back in service.

Below are some photos of the stern floorboard under construction for Ferry Maid (same as Ferry Lass) and two of the on-going repair to the cracked Clenshaw oar. You will see that I have cut out the entire section which had two open splits, and scarfed in a piece of new timber. Photos show it before and after being cut to width.

Ferry Maid’s new stern floorboard under construction. Photo by Mike McD
New piece of timber scarfed in to repair split in Clenshaw oar. Photo by Mike McD
New timber cut to size. Photo by Mike McD

Barbara writes: I’m sure everyone in the club joins me in thanking the two Mikes for their work. Both the Maid and the Lass are out on the water most days at the moment as multiple crews train for the Worlds, and it’s great that improvements and repairs are being carried out so quickly. All the fine-tuning is very much appreciated.

Tides for the week of 24-30 June

Rachel writes: It is likely both boats are away on Sunday 30th for the Kinghorn to Inchcolm row. Please watch out for an information email, as there will be no social rowing session if this is so.
Monday 24th June
08.08 — 4.9 m H.    13.09 — 1.7 m L.    20.42 — 4.7 m H
Tuesday 25th
08.58 —4.7 m H.    13.59 — 1.9 m L.   21.33 —4.6 m H
Wednesday 26th
09.53 — 4.6 m H.   16.16 — 2.0 m L.    22.31 — 4.6 m H
Thursday 27th
10.56 — 4.6 m H.   17.19 — 1.9 m L.    23.35 — 4.6 m H
Friday 28th
11.59 — 4.7 m H.   18.10 — 1.8 m L.
Saturday 29th
06.26 — 1.8 m L.    12.56 — 4.9 m H.     18.54 — 1.6 m L
Sunday 30th 
07.11 —1.6 m L.   13.49– 5.2 m H.    19.35 —1.4 m L

Newhaven Midsummer Challenge

Rachel reports: What a good day we had at Newhaven/Granton today. We went with one crew of six – a cox, four rowers and one runner: Louise, Rachel, Jenny, Gabe, Lois and Murray. The runner was our ‘baton’ in the rowing, running and sailing challenge.
We had three races throughout the day, all very challenging, and each was an estimated distance of about 2.5 to 3k! Each race had a different course, all time-challenged.
Our team age range was 70-14 ,spanning five decades! Isn’t that a good example of Scottish Coastal Rowing. We at Queensferry only had the one team, where other clubs had crew changes ,so we did really well. Great stamina. The other clubs competing were Eastern, St Ayles (Anstruther), Newhaven and Kinghorn.
Murray, 16, was our runner – well done to him, running against these other clubs’ adults, he was brilliant. Lois, 14, was one of our rowers, and a great strong rower she is too, competing against adults. Well done. We are lucky to have her . Roll on our Youth Regatta on 7 September!
This was a great training exercise in the lead-up to the Skiffie Worlds. Lots of rowing techniques were needed in each race. Coxing was no mean feat – skills, focus and instant decisions were needed, all good training. We continually learn as race coxes. Cheers to Louise today for her skills!
Newhaven enjoy giving us a fun/challenging race day. Very successful!
St Ayles were the end-of-day winners, with Eastern  second. Newhaven were third,with Queensferry close behind and Kinghorn in fifth place.  Thanks to Stephanie and Marianne who came later to support us!

Tides for the week 17-23 June

Two 60+ crews refuelling after a stamina row to Hound Point on Friday. Photo by Rachel

Monday 17th June
09.43 — 1.0 m L. 15.54 — 5.6 m H 21.53 — 1.0 m L

Tuesday 18th
10.20 – 1.0 m L. 16.32 — 5.6 m H 22.20 — 1.1 m L

Wednesday 19th
10.50 — 1.0 m L. 17.20 — 5.5 m H. 22.41 — 1.2 m L

Thursday 20th
11.06 — 1.1 m L. 17.59 – 5.4 m H 23.03 — 1.3 m L

Friday 21st
11.23 — 1.2 m L. 18.37 — 5.2 m H

Saturday 22nd
06.46 — 5.2 m H. 11.53 — 1.3 m L

Sunday 23rd
07.25 — 5.0 m H. 12.28 — 1.5 m L. 19.57 — 4.9 m H

Next weekend, we have 11 crew away to the Arran regatta for the weekend. As we had no tower available for this event, we have very kindly been able to borrow Arran’s second boat Iolaire. Good luck QRC.

Tides for 10-16 June

Rachel writes: The tides are a wee bit disruptive this coming week for some of our training times and sessions.Training teams should take note!

Monday 10th June
09.06 — 5.1 m H. 15.18 — 1.3 m L. 21.38 — 5.1 m H

Tuesday 11th
10.10 — 5.1 m H. 16.38 — 1.3 m L. 22.44 — 5.0 m H. Water is rising by 6pm to allow social rowing

Wednesday 12th
11.16 — 5.1 m H. 17.51 — 1.3 m L. 23.49 —5.1 m H — Just after 7pm before any training rows,

Thursday 13th
12.18 — 5.3 m H. 18.54 — 1.2 m L No social rowing – the tide is too low between 4.30pm and 8.30pm.

Friday 14th
07.13 — 1.5 m L. 13.17 — 5.4 m H 19.49 — 1.1 m L No evening training, the tide is too low between 5.30pm and 9.30pm

Saturday 15th
08.10 — 1.3 m L. 14.13 — 5.5 m H. 20.38 — 1.0 m L No early training. One boat only – enough water by 9.30am for social rowing

Sunday 16th
09.00 — 1.1 m L. 15.06 — 5.6 m H. 21.18 — 1.0 m L Earliest training time is 10.30am