Quick maintenance update

Mike McD writes: Thanks to all our dedicated maintenance team, Ferry Lass should be operational as of Sunday.  However, the replacement for the broken Clenshaw oar is not yet with us and the ‘New’ oars are currently being modified and won’t be ready until next weekend.  It seems sensible therefore the just swap Lass for Maid.  We can then reshape the rudder on Maid and tidy up the rubbed paintwork on footrests and the kelson at the same time.  New toe-straps for Lass have also still to arrive.

So the team will be working next week and all being well, we will have both boats available for next weekend.


Mike McD and Mark fit the new footrests (PS: Welcome back, Mel and Maria!)

Tides for 11-17 March

Rachel writes: There are some low tides throughout the day this week, so careful timing of any planned rows will be needed. By the weekend all is well.


Monday 11th March
10.26 —1.2 m L.   18.00 —- 5.3 m H
Tuesday 12th
10.55 — 1.3 L.      18.40 — 5.1 m H
Wednesday 13th 
07.07 — 5.0 m H     11.34 — 1.5 m L.    19.24 — 5.0m H
Thursday 14th
07.55 — 4.8 m H.    12.25 — 1.8 m L.   20.15 —- 4.8 m H
Friday 15th 
08.51 — 4.6 m H     13.38 — 2.1 m L    21.18 — 4.7 m H
Saturday 16th 
09.57 — 4.6 m H     16.48 — 1.9 m L
Sunday 17th 
11.10 — 4.8 m H.    17.51 — 1.5 m L

Ferry Lass back on duty soon

Mark reports: Her ladyship will be her painted loveliness and ready to row on Sunday… We think.

Mike B at work

John was putting a final coat of varnish on the gunnel and on her re-crafted, go-faster rudder on Thursday. (Try not to touch the gunnels before Sunday.) Meanwhile George and Mike B were painting the footrest saddles and Mike M fine tuned the stroke footrest. Duncan and Douglas also have done huge amounts of woodwork and painting. Others chipped in as well especially for the turnovers, so please forgive any oversights and thank you.

The two Mikes work on the new footrests

We will re-fit on Saturday. This includes:

  • Taping the floor along the footrest tracks
  • Installing the anchor rope reel
  • Fitting the footrests and marking the positions similar to Maid.
  • Bow and stern ropes on
  • Seats on and pegged
  • Bung tied in
  • Cox footrest fitted.
Gleaming hull before the turnover


Tides for 4-10 March

Rachel writes: March has come in with some weather issues already!! WIND. Sunday’s sessions have been cancelled.  Next weekend brings the very low tides again, so plans are being made to allow us to continue all our sessions on both days.

Monday 4th March
07.44 — 1.7 m L. 13.48 —5.2 m H 20.24 —1.4 m L

Tuesday 5th
07.16 —1.5 m L. 14.27 — 5.4 m H. 19.34 —1.2 m L

Wednesday 6th
07.53 — 1.2 m L. 15.02 — 5.5 m H. 20.12 — 1.0 m L

Thursday 7th
08.32 —1.0 m L. 15.35 — 5.5 m H. 20.51 — 0.8 m L

Friday 8th
09.09 — 0.9 m L. 16.10 — 5.5 m H. 21 .25 — 0.8 m L

Saturday 9th
09.42 — 0.9 m L 16.46 — 5.5 m H Pontoon will be asked for. 07.30 training will take the boat out. Back in by 12.00

Sunday 10th
10.05 — 1.0 m L. 17.22 — 5.4 m H. Pontoon will be asked for and 08.00 training will take the boat out. All is well by 13.00.