Tides, 28 Jan to 3 Feb

Rachel reports: The tides are good to see us into the first week of February, but looking ahead we will have a few pontoon arrangements and time changes are possible for the next month.

Monday 28th January
08.19 — 5.1 m H
13.27 — 1.9 m L
20.48 — 5.1 m H

Tuesday 29th
09.19 — 4.8 m H
14.37 — 2.2 m L
21.54 — 4.9 m H

Wednesday 30th
10.26 —4.7 m H
16.58 — 2.2 m L.

Thursday 31st
05.47 — 2.0 m L
11.32 — 4.8 m H
18.23 — 2.0 m L

Friday 1st February
06.44 — 1.9 m L
12.32 — 5.0 m H
19.20 — 1.8 m L

Saturday 2nd February
07.27 — 1.8 m L
13.26 — 5.2 m H
20.05 — 1.6 m L Cox Training on the water from 12.00.

Sunday 3rd February
08.01 — 1.6 m L
14.12 — 5.3 m H
20.40 — 1.4 m L

Have a good week ahead everyone.

All Sunday rowing CANCELLED

Due to a forecast of high winds, there will be no rowing tomorrow. This includes the youth and adult training sessions in the morning, as well as social rowing at 1pm.

Sunday: For anyone wondering how bad it really is at Port Edgar, considering it was quite calm earlier:

The dinghy sailors had a brief, very wild ride before capsizing and being towed back to safety. It was really cold too! White horses everywhere, surf breaking in the marina. Definitely a good call last night.


An eventful training session

An oar broke during the men’s 60+ training session today. There’s a spare, so the chaps were able to carry on after a return to base. The women’s 60+ crew were also out on the water, and may have found a second spare….

Not quite 45ft long like the last tree found in the Firth, so Maria reached out and grabbed it and brought it aboard. It was floating in the harbour, quite a hazard.

A great Green feat

The temperature may have been hovering around zero today, but the still air and bright sunshine made it a perfect day for a row. And the crew that went out found themselves a unique way to keep warm! Photos by Mike McDowall.

Keith writes: Much praise for this afternoon’s “Social Row”!! As well as transporting a passenger, we managed to tow a FORTY FIVE FOOT WATERLOGGED TREE from the middle of the shipping lane to a small beach just west of NQ slipway – taking about 45mns of extreme rowing.

Rachel adds: Well done indeed the crew, I have it listed in the ‘Green Flag Notebook’.

A reminder about QRC’s Green Flag effort this year.

Development day follow-up

Anne P writes: Following on from the development day held in December with Gabriel Murphy from Broughty Ferry, I have emailed QRC members, on behalf of the race training sub group, a summary of the elements discussed and demonstrated. Click here to download the document.

This covers basic rowing technique to race structure, strategy and some suggestions for training exercises. The document is relevant to all rowers, whether racers or not, as it covers the basic elements of rowing technique as well as breaking down race structure. The aim of this is to help us to develop consistency as a club whether we are social rowing, racing or coxing and supporting new members.

To aid with this, a follow up to the development day has been arranged in the form of a feedback/review session. As well as giving the opportunity to comment on the attached protocol, we will also be able to view and analyse the video footage taken by Gabe and give some initial feedback on the age category training groups. Tansy has also analysed the club survey and will present this to members at this meeting.

The feedback/review session will take place at 7pm on 31st January at  Port Edgar Yacht Club.

Gabriel – coxing, right – during the development day

We had a fantastic turnout for Gabriel’s visit to the club and it would be great to see as many of us there as possible on the evening so that we can continue to move this forward. Gabriel plans to re-visit in March to focus on the coxing aspect of training and racing so we will have that opportunity to update him on how things are going so far.

If you are able to come along on 31st January, please help to give an indication of numbers by emailing me directly at apurcellb@hotmail.com.