Christmas dinner update

Rachel writes:  Attention all 52 people who are booked in to have Christmas Dinner at Scott’s Restaurant on Friday 30th November at 7.30pm. The menu is below. It would be useful and could speed up the serving of the meal, if you were happy to pre-order. Two courses £18.95. There is an option of dessert as an extra, please take that option on the night. It would also be useful if all money was already paid, or ready to pay in a group cheque.

We have all paid a £10 deposit, so this leaves £8.95. to pay. If you are happy to round this up to £10, that will leave an excess of £54.60 ready as a tip! This makes gathering money simple also. On the night if everyone buys and pays for their own drinks as they go along, there will be no more bills.

I have a menu that I can leave available in the shed. I will also have a list printed out where you can add your menu choices, or you could email me and I can fill it out for you if you feel you won’t be around the shed. If you are not happy with these arrangements, please say so.

Please use my email address to communicate! rachelholburn (at)

Click here for Scotts’ full festive brochure, including contact details for those with special dietary restrictions.

Moving right along…

Who moved my cheese?

Queensferry Rowing Club’s website is undergoing a sea change – Google Sites is no longer fit for our purposes, so we are shifting to WordPress. It’s something of a learning curve – Who Moved my Cheese? – so please do be patient! If you see anything amiss, please contact me on bjagnew(at) and let me know.

A couple of things that won’t be available right away are a PayPal link and the facility to download documents. We may have to revert to old-fashioned methods – cash in an envelope, membership forms in a box in the shed. For the time being still points to the old site, but in due time it will bring you here.

Without further techno-waffle, here is Rachel’s listing of  the tides for the coming week.

Monday 10th September
10.09 —— 0.2 m L.      16.03 —- 6.1 m H.    22.15 —- 0.7 m L
Tuesday 11th
10.50 —- 0.1 m L.      16.50 —- 6.2 m H.     22.54 —- 0.6 m L
Wednesday 12th
11.25 —- 0.2 mL.      17.35 — 6.0 m H.       23.29 — 0.7 m L
Thursday 13th 
11.57 — 0.5 m L.        18.19 — 5.8 m H.      23.58 —- 1.0 m L
Friday 14th 

No rowing available as both boats are going to Glasgow.

Saturday 15th 
No rowing available as both boats are competing in Castle to Crane event.
Sunday 16th 
08.12 —- 5.1 m H.      13.14 —- 1.8 m L      20.25 —- 4.9 m H
Rowing as normal.
The last evening rowing session is coming soon: Thursday 20th September.