Tides for the week ending 6 January 2019

Rachel reports: Hello everyone. We are ready now for 2019 tides !

Tuesday January 1st 2019
Low: 05.07 — 1.6m  High: 11.00 — 5.0m  Low: 17.28 — 2.0m
(Loony Dook row – crews to meet at the shed at 11.30am)

Wednesday 2nd
L: 06.09 — 1.6m   H: 12.01 — 5.1m   L: 18.33 — 1.8m

Thursday 3rd
L: 07.01 — 1.5m   H: 12.56 — 5.3m   L: 19.26 — 1.6m

Friday 4th
L: 07.42 — 1.5m    H: 13.46 — 5.4m   L:  20.10 — 1.5m

Saturday 5th
L: 08.14 — 1.4m    H: 14.31 — 5.5m    L: 20.44 — 1.4m   No early training

Sunday 6th
L: 08.12 — 1.4m    H: 15.10 — 5.5m   L: 20.19 — 1.3m

Very best wishes everyone for a Happy and Healthy 2019. Another year of many rowing opportunities to look forward to.

Loony Dook row

Every year the club’s two skiffs give a dozen lucky rowers a close-up view of Queensferry’s annual Loony Dook. Marion is putting a sign-up sheet in the shed for the 2019 Dook. Each boat has five crew and room for a passenger, so get in quick! (Photos from this year’s Dook.)

Launch will be at about noon on January 1st, which should give time for a leisurely row before the dooking begins.

North Queensferry usually row across to join us

Raffle results

Marianne writes: Congratulations to all winners from Saturday’s Christmas raffle! Even bigger thanks to everyone who contributed such wonderful prizes, and bought raffle tickets, so many in fact that we ran out and had to resort to bits of paper! The raffle raised an amazing £275 for club funds.

Thank you to everyone involved in organising the raffle, particularly Raffle Fairies Bex, Rachel and Maria. Not forgetting the Shelf Elf, Keith, who tidied the work bench, made shelves and repaired the windows, so the Raffle Fairies could work their magic!

Finally, thank you to resident Soup Dragon Alistair, to those who bought baking and other food. And thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a jolly event!

Merry Christmas!


Tides for 17-31 December

Rachel reports: Other than a wee later start to next Saturday’s Rowing, all is well through to the end of the month/year!!

A crew in the festive mood work off some of the mince pies

I now give you the tides until the end of the month, in case I am a little bit occupied next weekend! But also you may wish to choose a day to plan a Row, while on holiday!

Monday 17th December
09.56 — 4.7 m H. 16.12 — 2.3 m L

Tuesday 18th
11.01 — 4.8 m H. 17.01 — 2.1 m L

Wednesday 19th
05.26 — 1.7 m L. 11.57 — 5.1 m H. 17.45 — 1.8 m L

Thursday 20th
06.07 — 1.4 m L.   12.47 — 5.4 m H    18.27 — 1.5 m L.

Friday 21st
06.43 — 1.2 m L. 13.35 — 5.6 m H. 19.09 — 1.2 m L

Saturday 22nd
07.20 — 1.1 m L. 14.22 — 5.8 m H. No Training

Sunday 23rd
08.01 — 1.0 m L. 15.07 — 5.9 m H

Monday 24th
08.43 — 1.0 m L 15.53 — 6.0 m H

Tuesday 25th Christmas Day
09.27 — 1.0 m L. 16.41 — 5.9 m H   Time for a row while the turkey cooks!!!

Wednesday 26th
10.14 — 1.2 m L. 17.32 — 5.8 m H

Thursday 27th
06.01 — 5.8 m H. 11.06 — 1.4 m L. 18.24 — 5.7 m H

Friday 28th
06.54 — 5.5 m H 12.05 — 1.6 m L 19.18 — 5.5 m H

Saturday 29th
07.50 — 5.3 m H 13.08 — 1.9 m L

Sunday 30th
08.50 — 5.1 m H 14.18 — 2.1 m L

Monday 31st
09.55 — 5.0 m H  16.01 — 2.1 m L

I wish all our members a very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2019. Have fun and fit in some rowing! ?‍♀️?

Christmas raffle draw

A happy crowd gathered at the shed on Saturday morning to beat the chill with mulled wine, cakes and soup – and to cheer all those who won prizes in our bumper raffle. As not all the winners were in the shed, a list is being drawn up and strenuous efforts made to deliver all prizes by Christmas.

A very special bottle of Scottish Parliament whisky, signed for the club by the First Minister, was auctioned separately. Keith was delighted to have made the (very generous) winning bid.

Meanwhile, the Nifty Knotters were doing a roaring trade with their Christmas decorations, and the 2019 calendar was selling so briskly Tansy had to go home for more supplies. Stand by for a tally of the seasonal fundraising effort.

Apparently some people even went for a row!!!

More photos on Flickr