Club round-up

QRC captain Marianne writes: A few things to update you all on.

New Skipper and coxes

Congratulations to Beth Christie on becoming our newest skipper.  Well done also to Scott Boyd, May Macleod and Val Alexander, who passed the coxing course.  Thanks also to everyone involved in making this happen.

5 Miles from Home

Well done to the three crews, the Skua Chasers (W50+), Ferry Scratchers (Mixed) and the Ferrymen (M60+), who represented QRC in the 5 Miles challenge, all in the most testing of conditions. This is a unique challenge in that’s more about participation than times as everyone is rowing in a different place. Special mention to the Skua Chasers, who had to complete their race in the marina because it was so wild out there, but who won a special ‘Plate of Spaghetti’ award for their inventive course!  

New Door

Thanks to Douglas and Alan for hanging the new door, sourced by Maria.  New keys are reaching skippers, while there is one for members to use in the keybox on the side of the Shed.  Please replace the key as soon as you’ve opened/closed the door.

Broughty Ferry Regatta Report

We went to our first regatta in over two years last Saturday. Broughty Ferry is a stiff test at the best of times, and Saturday was no exception – in the morning the stiff wind was against us on the outward leg, the strong tide against us coming home.  We took a team that included a number of new members and I applaud you all for your positive can-do attitude!  We also included three of our friends from North Queensferry in what we all hope will be the start of closer interclub club co-operation.  

Photo by Cheryl White

Well done to everyone who came.  We may not have come home with any medals, but it was a great club day out and everyone’s enthusiasm and good humour was second to none.  In lieu of a formal regatta report, check out the fabulous interview with Michelle by our roving reporter Elspeth, on our Facebook page and Twitter feed!  

Future Events

We have regattas trips to North Berwick (27 August) and FOCCRS (Largs, 10-11 September). Sign-up sheets are in the Shed. We’re also planning to send two crews to Castle to Crane, the long distance race between Dumbarton Castle and the Titan Crane in Glasgow (3 September).   Again there’s a sign-up sheet in the Shed.

Queensferry Community Event

We took part in a Queensferry community event to showcase clubs to local people Ferry on Sunday 1 May and made a few friends!  We made a little on bridge T-shirts and monkey-fist merch.  Some exciting news coming on monkey-fists later!

Youth rowing

Really pleased to see a new, enthusiastic young rowers coming along. We supporting our young people in Duke of Edinburgh Awards and Scout badges, as well as introducing them to what we hope will be a lifelong passion!  Thanks to everyone involved. 

Club kit

We’re aware there have been a few issues with the new kit shop.  These are being addressed but be aware that changes in suppliers to Superlogo mean that some items may differ slightly in colour and there are limits to what we can do about that. 

And finally…

Our fiesty little friends, the terns, are back from their winter holiday off in southern Africa and are busy with nesting on the raft at the far end of the marina.  Keep clear, or risk a pecking! Swallows are also back, swooping round the Shed, and as there’s evidence that eiders are nesting on the breakwater again, we’ll hopefully soon see eider creches bobbing about in the marina. The Forth is internationally important for seabirds – we row in a very special place!

Happy rowing!