If you wish to contact us in order to have a go at rowing, join the club or to find out more, please send an email to: or

Prospective new members can also check out this page for more information.

The committee of Queensferry Rowing Club are elected at the annual AGM. Please feel free to bring any issues or queries to their attention.
Current Committee

Captain: Marianne Sandison
Vice-captain:  Mike Breewood
Secretary: Val Alexander
Treasurer:  Anne Purcell
Membership co-ordinator: Lesley Jones

Committee Members:  Scott Boyd,  Beth Christie, Stephanie Durning, John Howell, Louise Innes, Lesley Jones, May Macleod.

Some of the gang after our 2018 regatta – most of the office-bearers are among them, along with several committee members – and some past office-bearers and committee members