End of summer rowing season

Club vice captain Mike B writes: After a thrilling day on Sunday with the Alan Meldrum Community Challenge, we are now moving into our winter rowing season. The equinox means that our evening social  rowing is now finished for this year, and we must anticipate the joys of Spring next year when it will restart.

In the meantime, we shall have social rowing on Saturdays and Sundays over the winter season. As usual, Yalo and Michelle will continue their excellent work of letting everyone know when the social rowing times will be each week.

Finally, the cessation of evening rowing for the year heralds in the AGM, this year taking place IN PERSON at the Port Edgar Boat Station at 19:30 on the 11th of October. That will be your chance to meet up with fellow members and chat about medals won, medals just missed and medals robbed from you in the course of the Summer regatta season! It’s also, of course, the time when a new Committee and set of Club Officers are elected for the year ahead – sadly I am unable this year to stand for any position, however I would urge all members to consider standing – it is a very rewarding way to serve the Club! There is a sign-up sheet in the Shed, or you can just let our current Secretary, Steph Durning , know on secretary@queensferryrowing.org