Ferry Maid’s birthday

Peter writes: I was out rowing this morning early with the (oldish) men. We had intended to go out keeping south of the Hound Point Terminal, then go round and come back north of Inchgarvie. As we came out from the lee of Hound Point we encountered heavy swell which we enjoyed but thought it prudent (and to save on the insurance premiums) we turned and surfed back! On return we were met by the smell of fresh paint and were greeted by Mark and John H continuing the work on Ferry Maid. I am sure you will all join me in thanking the people involved in the maintenance and improvement of our boats and shed who work away quietly and modestly! We enjoyed a warming cuppa and a banana loaf baked in a first baking attempt by Alistair. Despite worries about the slightly well done top, it was delicious!
Which brings me to the Anniversary. Although she is upside down and receiving a bit of TLC, this weekend sees the anniversary of the launch of Ferry Maid in 2012. Nothing fancy but I will be doing bacon rolls tomorrow morning, so I hope some of you will come along and wish her a happy birthday and have a row in her big sister!

A video of Ferry Maid’s launch.

The Maid at her launch, with the Lass ( Peter coxing) and RowPorty

More photos of the launch