Help needed for painting shed interior

Mike Breewood writes: On Saturday many of you will have seen the wonderful new catering area and other changes in the shed carried out by the Mens 60+ team.

There is some final snagging work to be done over the next few days, after which the painting can begin.

So … this is a call for further volunteers to do the painting, as the M60+ team deserve a rest after three solid weeks of work!

If you can help, please email me directly on expressing your interest. Once we have a core team of painters identified I’ll sort out a schedule of activity.

For those who haven’t been to the shed recently, here are some progress photos:

Yes, we have a sink! It’s plumbed in to the drain outside but please, to avoid blockages, don’t put any scraps or fat down there
Yes, there is a fridge hiding behind one of those doors
A new home for the cups. The old filing cabinet is now being used for storing tools and maintenance supplies.

Among the many improvements is a shelf along the back wall above the wellies for backpacks etc, while extra cupboards have been installed in the Captain’s Room.