Maintenance and repair update

Mike McD has an update on the hard work going on behind the scenes. He writes:  I think Mike B should be congratulated on a quick repair of the ‘new’ bow oar, which is back in service.

Below are some photos of the stern floorboard under construction for Ferry Maid (same as Ferry Lass) and two of the on-going repair to the cracked Clenshaw oar. You will see that I have cut out the entire section which had two open splits, and scarfed in a piece of new timber. Photos show it before and after being cut to width.

Ferry Maid’s new stern floorboard under construction. Photo by Mike McD
New piece of timber scarfed in to repair split in Clenshaw oar. Photo by Mike McD
New timber cut to size. Photo by Mike McD

Barbara writes: I’m sure everyone in the club joins me in thanking the two Mikes for their work. Both the Maid and the Lass are out on the water most days at the moment as multiple crews train for the Worlds, and it’s great that improvements and repairs are being carried out so quickly. All the fine-tuning is very much appreciated.