Marching in March update

Beth (on behalf of the committe) writes: Just a quick note to keep you in the loop about our Club’s Virtual Adventures: Congratulations! We have now hit a total of 1,749.31 miles… awesome efforts by all!

We’ve also had 192 entries to date!

We have also received some great ideas for our next virtual location – to name but a few: Venice, Lake Geneva, a Viking Tour of Scandinavia and Canada (an outlier but piqued our interest nonetheless!).

So it is 1,221 miles from our beloved SQF to Kortegene. We decided it was only right to head on to Venice, for carb loading and yet more rowing. We had surplus miles so hopping across to Lake Garda for yet more Italian food, rowing and scenery was the only thing for it!

Rachel H was among several QRC members who took to the Venetian canals in 2017

Once we had our fill of Italian food, weather and rowing we dashed over to Lake Constance. Although a little early for the Moos Water Procession we created a floral decoration for the Lass and Maid and have now started on our way to Goitzsche – which is 1,923 miles from our Club. We haven’t quite made it to Goitzsche yet so please do continue to add those miles travelled to make sure we don’t end up stranded…

Goitzsche … Photo by Falko Heidecke/Friends of the Earth Germany

Look in the group emails for a link to the form you can use to input all those miles!

Just a little house keeping: please remember to just input any distance travelled in miles, without the units and without any other details, e.g. If I Fosbury Flopped 4.5 miles l I would only pop ‘4.5’ into the appropriate answer box… Possibly after I’d had the chance to tut at other inferior high jump techniques… If you want to make your own running total of miles and input this once a week, or even if you want to do a new entry for every mile you travel, you’re most welcome – whatever suits you best.

Thank you for all the community effort and fun we’ve had – it is already warming the cockles of our salty-sea-dog hearts! Happy RPM Classing, hopping, indoor rowing, spinning, kayaking, rock-climbing, skipping, walking, crawling, jumping, Ministry of Funny Walking, or simply dashing round the ‘big shop’ in March.

P.S. Please reply to with any quibbles, queries or quandaries. Or even if you just fancy a quick e-chat.