Marching in March Week 2

Just a quick update on our Club’s Virtual Adventures:

  • Congratulations, we have now hit a total of 614.56 miles… awesome efforts by all!
  • We’ve also had nearly 80 entries to date!

Any eagle-eyed among us may have spied that we have now reached Kortgene in only one week of this challenge. Therefore, the form will look a little different from now on. We’re now taking recommendations for our next destination and can’t wait to see what you think…

Click here to find the shinier, edited, form (the exact same link as last time)!
Just a little house keeping: please remember to just input any distance travelled in miles, without the units and without any other details, e.g. If I rolled 2 miles down the nearest hill I would only pop ‘2’ into the appropriate answer box… Possibly after I’d made my way dizzily home… If you want to make your own running total of miles and input this once a week, or even if you want to do a new entry for every mile you travel, you’re most welcome – whatever suits you best.

Thank you for all the community effort and fun we’ve had – it is already warming the cockles of our salty-sea-dog hearts! Happy cycling, hopping, indoor rowing, kayaking, rock-climbing, skipping, walking, crawling, jumping, sauntering, galloping, or simply dashing round the ‘big shop’ in the second week of March.

The women’s 50+ crew at the Skiffie Worlds on Strangford Lough in 2016