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Who moved my cheese?

Queensferry Rowing Club’s website is undergoing a sea change – Google Sites is no longer fit for our purposes, so we are shifting to WordPress. It’s something of a learning curve – Who Moved my Cheese? – so please do be patient! If you see anything amiss, please contact me on bjagnew(at) and let me know.

A couple of things that won’t be available right away are a PayPal link and the facility to download documents. We may have to revert to old-fashioned methods – cash in an envelope, membership forms in a box in the shed. For the time being still points to the old site, but in due time it will bring you here.

Without further techno-waffle, here is Rachel’s listing of  the tides for the coming week.

Monday 10th September
10.09 —— 0.2 m L.      16.03 —- 6.1 m H.    22.15 —- 0.7 m L
Tuesday 11th
10.50 —- 0.1 m L.      16.50 —- 6.2 m H.     22.54 —- 0.6 m L
Wednesday 12th
11.25 —- 0.2 mL.      17.35 — 6.0 m H.       23.29 — 0.7 m L
Thursday 13th 
11.57 — 0.5 m L.        18.19 — 5.8 m H.      23.58 —- 1.0 m L
Friday 14th 

No rowing available as both boats are going to Glasgow.

Saturday 15th 
No rowing available as both boats are competing in Castle to Crane event.
Sunday 16th 
08.12 —- 5.1 m H.      13.14 —- 1.8 m L      20.25 —- 4.9 m H
Rowing as normal.
The last evening rowing session is coming soon: Thursday 20th September.

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