New COVID measures

Club captain Marianne writes: Following the announcements re the worrying spread of the Omicron variant, I need to let you know that the Committee has taken some decisions on the advice of the Return to Rowing subgroup. 
Covid measures from Tuesday 14 December.

  1. Suspension of all rowing with immediate effect until further notice.
  2. Closure of the Shed, with immediate effect until further notice.
  3. Boat maintenance (but not Shed maintenance) to continue, but limited to three members, with at least the pedestrian door to remain open at all times for ventilation, masks to be worn, hygiene measures to be taken. 

The Committee has agreed that a small group (4-5) can go down at the Shed on Friday to turn the boat outside to allow further maintenance to take place.

I know this will be disappointing for everyone and it’s not something we are doing lightly.  We have a duty of care to members and hopefully by playing our part, our club community can help keep each other safe over the Christmas period.

The Committee and RTR Group will, as always, keep this under active review.

Crews at Port Laing in January 2020. Photo by Dónal Ferrie