Nifty Knots

Inspired by a souvenir they spotted in Northern Ireland, club members Anne P and Maria have led a group of crafters  in raising funds with their clever and colourful monkey fist knot creations, which range from keyrings and zipper pulls to heaving lines and hefty doorstops. They not only have products for sale in the shed and Port Edgar’s Down the Hatch cafe, they have taken bulk orders for various clubs, including Killyleagh and Portsoy. Their efforts have raised a staggering amount for the club, well over a thousand pounds so far.

The latest creations include dainty earrings made by Donna W, floating keyrings, and small fluorescent fobs that are perfect for making your suitcase stand out on the luggage carousel. Anne and Maria take commissions if you would like a special piece of rope converted into a decorative item. They are also happy to accept donations of rope (many thanks to George for his contribution of a “retired” climbing rope), marbles and heavy round objects such as rocks (many thanks to Rachel and John H!).

Here are some of their current offerings:

Zip pulls – as worn by the most stylish rowers
The very latest – as modelled by their creator, Donna W – monkey fist earrings.
The earrings come in a variety of styles and colours. £6 for those with silver plated fittings, £8 for sterling silver.

A dazzling array of goods. The biggest door stops are built around bowling balls; smaller ones have a French boule inside.

The ever-popular keyrings and zip pulls

As well as displays in the shed, there is a selection of goods in Down the Hatch. Money in the pig, please!

Maria at work on one of the Portsoy keyrings – those Quines and Loons like their pink

Anne and Maria’s first big project was our 2017 regatta medals – red monkey fist knots on gold, silver and bronze ribbons (sourced by Rachel H)

Medals on display – the driftwood hanger was fished out of Port Edgar harbour

The feat was repeated for following regattas

And 2019
A lot of rope goes into making the medals

As ever, watch out for seasonal designs