ON THIS DAY – Episode 17

In his ongoing series marking the 10th anniversary of QRC, Mike McD writes, on 12 April: Two further meeting of SCRP-Q committee were held in April and two meetings of the new Rowing Club committee.

There was much still to do before the launch and the Ceilidh on the Saturday evening with invitations, publicity, press coverage and the programme to be agreed. The trailer had arrived and had to be adjusted to suit.

A meeting had been arranged with City of Edinburgh Council and agreement reached on a 3-year rent-free lease on the shed, work on internal demolitions, new doors, structural reinforcement and new roof covering all arranged. (Thanks to Billy Scott, Ken Sinclair, Mel, Brian Fraser and Excel roofing.)

The shed was in a sorry state when the club took possession. Photo by Mike McD

It was noted that the final cost of kit and materials to complete the boat came to £2,525.39. The boat’s name had been chosen by vote from a final list of 54 names, and lettering obtained as well as six lifejackets.

Arrangements were made to collect 30 chairs from the Rosebery Hall for the Ceilidh and the boat was fitted out with big signs for its tour around the town on Saturday to advertise the launch. Sound system and flags were organised for the harbour.

The official handover to the newly formed Queensferry Rowing Club

The Club had elected Siobhan Johnson as Captain and Mel as Vice-Captain. An official handover was arranged. The Town Crier, Lindsay Monroe, had agreed to lead the procession (Ranald driving the tow car), and the Ferry Queen, Holly Taylor, to do the honours with a bottle of VAT 69.

Fingers crossed for good weather on the day!