ON THIS DAY – Episode 5

Mike McD writes: Ten years ago today, the first formal meeting of the now formed ‘Scottish Coastal Rowing Project – Queensferry’ heard from Peter that there were two potential sources of funding although both took about three months to process. We agreed to go for the Lottery ‘Awards for All’. Graham Leith handed over a cheque for £100 from the Rotary Club – our first donation! (Stuart R, President, had invited me to give a presentation, actually the Thursday evening before our first meeting in May). Peter was to open a bank account.

We also agreed to write to all local businesses inviting donations ( by ‘buying’ bits of the boat – see below).

I would like to give a donation for:
(Please tick box)

Keel £200 [   ]
Planking (12) £150 each [   ]
Stem & Stern posts £100 [   ]
Oars (4) £75 each [   ]
Ribs (4) £50 each [   ]
Rudder £35 [   ]
Tiller £25 [   ]
Seats(4) £15 each [   ]
Rowing kabes(8) £10 each [   ]


I would like to give £…. to pay for fittings and finishes.

Please make cheques out to ‘Scottish Coastal Rowing Project – Queensferry’

Mel had provided a draft for our constitution which was discussed with final suggestions for the next meeting and Stuart M reported on the possibility of getting the vacant unit from Scotmid, if we could get rates relief. (This, it turned out, would relieve Scotmid from paying rates on the empty unit, but we would have to agree a minimum term to give us time to complete, before a tenant moved in.)

Finally things were all set for Alec Jordan and the Anstruther crew and boat to come over on 20th for the RNLI Open Day – we just had to spread the word.