Saturday development day

Anne P writes: We’ve had a strong interest  for our development day with Gabriel tomorrow. This is taking the place of social rowing.

Gabriel describes the day as “talking, having a look at rowers and boat and making a plan”. We hope this will encompass the basics of boat set up, basic technique (rowing and coxing), to more specific race training and techniques. We also plan to do some video work and John H will have Faithful ready for us. Gabe has a camera lined up for us to use.

The Maid is still off the water but we are able to borrow a boat from NQ to get as many people out as possible and allow changeovers/ races etc. A crew from NQ will also join us in their second boat.

As if it wasn’t impressive enough that we have so many dedicated rowers willing to turn up for some training after a night out, we now need some ultra dedicated folk to bring the NQ boat over on Saturday morning. Peter (NQ) has advised that we should be in NQ for 8.15. Any volunteers please?

Gabriel has offered us the day. Some people can only come for part of the day and that’s OK. Please be aware that there will likely be some waiting and chopping and changing throughout so please dress warmly and bear with us. Bring food and drink if you wish. With the Maid in the shed things will also likely feel tight but as yet there is unfortunately no other space available in Port Edgar for us to go.

Thanks everyone for all of your interest. I can think of no better hangover cure!

Friday row CANCELLED

Rebecca writes: Sorry to inform the crew for tomorrow it has been decided to cancel tomorrow’s row due to weather . I’ve been keeping an eye all week and I’ve checked with an RP and it’s a ?
I’ll do another shout out soon .
Please can the crew confirm they got this message I don’t have everyone’s direct email/number.

Christmas party at the shed on the 15th!

To remind you how important it is to take a few tickets, here is last year’s cake, and the array of prizes also on offer (this year’s donations are building up well):

And finally, the Nifty Knotters have been busy creating wonderful Christmas pudding and holly-decked decorations/keyrings. Available in the shed, price £10 for three. Perfect as stocking-fillers or for hanging on your tree.


Learning the ropes

As promised, Mike McD and John H held a competent crew class in the shed on Saturday, well attended, and much enjoyed and appreciated.

As mentioned by Rachel in her weekly tides email and as advertised earlier by Anne P, this coming Saturday sees a coaching session delivered to Queensferry rowers by  Gabriel Murphy, the coach at Broughty Ferry Rowing Club.

Anne P writes: Gabriel has offered to spend the day with us from 9.30am, weather permitting. Tides are good.

He will coach us through the basics of rowing technique focusing on each element of the stroke and positioning to racing and coxing skills, techniques and tactics. This is a great opportunity for all, to help us to support and develop everyone, from our novice rowers to our experienced coxes and those who wish to develop their skills further.

We may only have one boat available but Gabriel has a wealth of rowing experience to offer, both on and off the water, having rowed for many years and represented his country on more than one occasion.

I would particularly encourage coxes to attend if they are able as it will be important, moving forward, that we do this with a consistent approach. Please come and join us if you can; it’ll be a great way to blow off any club after party headaches.

I appreciate that this is normally social rowing time, but it’s a great opportunity to have a club development day which will benefit all of us, regardless of which level we are at.

The format of the day has yet to be clarified and will depend on numbers and experience. If you know that you will definitely be able to attend could you let me know at apurcellb[at] so that I can begin to get a sense of numbers. If you’re not sure yet, that’s OK. Just come along anyway.

Also featuring at the weekend: Ferry Maid’s birthday!

Liz took the photo and wrote: “We had an added treat of a raid for cakes and hot drinks by our neighbours in North Queensferry. Given their drookit appearance the refreshments were most welcome!!”