Sunday social rowing cancelled

Dónal writes: As you may be aware, Storm Ciara is heading our way over the weekend. With this in mind we have decided to CANCEL Sunday’s social session, as  the gusts are going to be high. On Saturday we will play it by ear so come down on the 8th and socialise in the Shed.
Assistant chef Keith adds: Chef Peter will be in the classroom taking the course for those moving up the ladder of qualifications, and I have undertaken to step/hobble up to take his place so there will be bacon rolls (if you prefer egg then by all means bring some). And if the weather is worse than at present forecast we can have a learning session on parts of the boat and if anyone is feeling brave they can have a session on knots. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 9am as usual.

RowAround Scotland 2020

Club captain Anne P writes: As you may know, the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association is embarking upon a one-off event to celebrate its tenth anniversary and the launch of the St Ayles Skiff. This event, RowAround Scotland 2020, involves rowing around Scotland in a relay type format, involving as many coastal rowing clubs as possible.

The event is split into 13 sections, starting in Gretna in April and completing at the Freshwater Sprints at Loch Tummel in October. The event is designed to be collaborative, showcasing Scottish Coastal Rowing and involving local communities along the way with a range of celebratory events. In addition to the main RowAround, side expeditions are being organised, eg Loch Lomond and Loch Katrine.

RowAround Sections

Each section has a coordinator from a local club and the Forth section of the RowAround, from Anstruther to North Berwick, is being coordinated by Queensferry. Our section is due to be completed between the 17th and 29th August 2020.

We have made contact with each of the thirteen clubs that line the route and invited each club to coordinate a ‘mini-section’ with its neighbours. These mini-sections will then be shared with all Forth clubs with the hope that as many clubs as wish to can take part in the mini-sections. Once passage plans for each section have been shared, we can gauge interest from our own members in joining other sections and devise a fair way to involve as many people as possible.

The start and finish of each section where the baton is handed over – in our case, Anstruther and North Berwick – will be marked by an event. This may be a regatta or some other form of community engagement. As Queensferry lies at the mid-point of the Forth Section, we have scheduled our regatta for this date as part of the celebration of the RowAround. There may also be other events planned along the route to allow clubs to come together in a range of ways. Kinghorn are planning a ‘Miners Tribute’ event, commemorating the rowing and racing history and tradition of mining communities in Fife.

Website and Merchandise

You can keep up to date with RowAround information at  RowAround is also producing a range of merchandise to commemorate the event. If you would be able to coordinate this for the club, please get in touch with Lorna at or myself at

Queensferry Regatta – your club needs you!

We have decided that our regatta this year will take a different format to previous regattas, celebrating our Queensferry heritage, landmarks and coastline. In the first instance, we have invited Forth clubs to build upon the community aspect of the RowAround. This will be opened further if space permits.

So far, a broad discussion has taken place about the format of our regatta this year, with some competitive and some collaborative, fun elements incorporated into the event.

We have discussed the possibility of a three bridges race in some format, either single course or relay; a pick and mix Andy race of course; and a ‘tour’ which could be a type of treasure hunt or orienteering on the Forth, cryptic clue, quiz based.

We have a rich heritage here in Queensferry and could share and explore many different themes as part of our event/ activities such as racing, fishing, history, nature, landmarks/ names, for example:

  • Queensferry’s history as a herring port
  • Old photographs on our club website show racing in wooden boats is part of the history of the town – who raced them and where?
Competitive rowing is not new to Queensferry. More photos here
  • The naval connection
Danish sailors visiting Port Edgar, 1962
  • Ferries – North and South
  • Historic Environment Scotland – Blackness and Incholm (side expeditions?)
The Maid and the Lass arrive on Inchcolm, 2018
  • Inchgarvie
  • World Heritage Site – Forth Bridge, Briggers
  • Three bridges
The three bridges – and two happy crews

We also have a great wealth of knowledge in the club, with members being part of the Heritage group, the Briggers, the Yacht Club and Boat Club, and a wealth of general knowledge about the natural history, industrial history, landmarks and features of our section of the Forth.

The committee would like to invite members to come forward to contribute to the development of our regatta. Because of the different format of our event, please don’t be put off if you’ve never been involved in regatta organisation before. We are looking for creative, imaginative ideas coupled with knowledge of our area which will allow us to put together an interesting, entertaining day for our visitors, alongside a competitive element for those who enjoy that aspect of rowing.

In order to make this a success we need a broad range of knowledge and skills to add to these initial ideas.

If you think you can make a contribution, no matter how small, please get in touch at

Tides for 3-9 February 2020

Dónal writes: This week is a mixed bag of tides. We will need to get a pontoon for Saturday, but would need to have the boat out at the pontoon by Friday evening if we are to get a training row on Saturday morning.

Monday 3rd February
0912 —4.5m H. 1348 — 2.4 m L. 2134 – 4.5 m H.

Tuesday 4th February
1016 — 4.5m H 1641 — 2.3 m L 2243 — 4.6 m H.

Wednesday 5th February
1124 — 4.7 m H 1734 — 2.0 m L. 2352 — 4.8m H.

Thursday 6th February
0603 — 1.9 m L 1226 — 4.9 m H. 1823 — 1.6 m L

Friday 7th February
0648 — 1.6 m L. 1320 — 5.3 m H. 1914 — 1.3 m L.

Saturday 8th February
0734— 1.3 m L. 1409 — 5.6 m H. 2008 — 0.9 m L. Pontoon needed

Sunday 9th February
0822 – 1.1 m L. 1456 — 5.8 m H. 2100 — 0.6 m L.

The joys of a social row in early February – all wrapped up against the chill

Training sessions for 2020 events

Anne P writes: Welcome to season 2020, which kicked off at the weekend with an exciting North-South challenge, with all of the drama that we expect from skiff racing, including a broken oar. Congratulations to the North!

We now start to look to the year ahead, which will bring a range of rowing opportunities, at home, with our neighbours and further afield, to new rowing parts of the country.

There are a few details to be confirmed but click here to view the updated calendar for the year ahead, comprising a mix of regattas and longer rows, some day trips and some weekends.

If you’re new to the club, new to rowing or new to racing you might want to consider getting involved in the training opportunities that are offered.

If you’re an old hand, now is the time to shake off the winter blues and get back into your training routine.

QRC in action at the Skiffie Worlds in Stranraer last year

The technique and training sub group (Maria, Mel, Anne F, Marianne and Anne P, apologies from Lesley) met recently to review last season and make plans for the season ahead.

Last year we established some new training routines by introducing age category training to the club. We also held two development days where we looked at technique and consistency in our rowing and training approaches.

Currently we have two groups of training sessions:

  •  Open training on a Saturday morning, generally at 8am, organised by Sharon
  • Age category training, organised by the group at a time to suit, using the boat booking system on Google Calendars

We are looking to build on this in the year ahead by introducing age category mixed crew training as well as further cox training to ensure greater consistency.

Ready to launch at last year’s Loch Awe Adventure, one of the long-distance races on the calendar

If you have never signed up to training, or you are new to training sessions, you can do so:

  • For open sessions – email Sharon at
  • For age category training – email Mel at Please include your date of birth. This is needed to establish which age category you fit into as well as for calculating crew ages in some regatta races. Date of birth information will not be shared.
Queensferry Youth Regatta 2019

Each age category has a nominated representative. Once new category lists have been established we will ask for a representative to be nominated and arrange a get-together to establish set times, especially for mixed crew training. If you are, or are prepared to be, the representative for your particular age category, please let Mel know.

We intend to place more information about training here on the website so that everything is in one place for members to access.

Should anyone wish to join the training and technique sub-group, please contact Mel.

Below: Focus on technique, December 2018 development day. Click here to see more videos from the day.

Help needed for painting shed interior

Mike Breewood writes: On Saturday many of you will have seen the wonderful new catering area and other changes in the shed carried out by the Mens 60+ team.

There is some final snagging work to be done over the next few days, after which the painting can begin.

So … this is a call for further volunteers to do the painting, as the M60+ team deserve a rest after three solid weeks of work!

If you can help, please email me directly on expressing your interest. Once we have a core team of painters identified I’ll sort out a schedule of activity.

For those who haven’t been to the shed recently, here are some progress photos:

Yes, we have a sink! It’s plumbed in to the drain outside but please, to avoid blockages, don’t put any scraps or fat down there
Yes, there is a fridge hiding behind one of those doors
A new home for the cups. The old filing cabinet is now being used for storing tools and maintenance supplies.

Among the many improvements is a shelf along the back wall above the wellies for backpacks etc, while extra cupboards have been installed in the Captain’s Room.