Monkeyfist milestone

Anne P and Maria, founders of the “Nifty Knotters”, have some fantastic news to share:

Following on from a hugely successful Halloween and Christmas sales period we are delighted (and astounded) to be able to transfer £473.50 to Marion today, which is going to bring our running total to a staggering £2200.

We are extremely grateful to all the generous buyers of the keyrings, doorstops, Christmas decorations and gnomes. We are also extremely grateful for the enthusiastic sellers of all these items, and the makers, and we are particularly grateful to Frances also, for her lovely knitted Christmas puddings, and to Liz and Tansy for their innovative ideas and tireless manufacturing skills. Things have been a bit hectic at times, so a well deserved rest is taken now.

There are still items for sale in the shed and in “Down the Hatch”, and the monkeyfist piggybank will always reward you with a big smile!

Many thanks to all, and a Happy New Year!

Tides for the week ending 6 January 2019

Rachel reports: Hello everyone. We are ready now for 2019 tides !

Tuesday January 1st 2019
Low: 05.07 — 1.6m  High: 11.00 — 5.0m  Low: 17.28 — 2.0m
(Loony Dook row – crews to meet at the shed at 11.30am)

Wednesday 2nd
L: 06.09 — 1.6m   H: 12.01 — 5.1m   L: 18.33 — 1.8m

Thursday 3rd
L: 07.01 — 1.5m   H: 12.56 — 5.3m   L: 19.26 — 1.6m

Friday 4th
L: 07.42 — 1.5m    H: 13.46 — 5.4m   L:  20.10 — 1.5m

Saturday 5th
L: 08.14 — 1.4m    H: 14.31 — 5.5m    L: 20.44 — 1.4m   No early training

Sunday 6th
L: 08.12 — 1.4m    H: 15.10 — 5.5m   L: 20.19 — 1.3m

Very best wishes everyone for a Happy and Healthy 2019. Another year of many rowing opportunities to look forward to.

Loony Dook row

Every year the club’s two skiffs give a dozen lucky rowers a close-up view of Queensferry’s annual Loony Dook. Marion is putting a sign-up sheet in the shed for the 2019 Dook. Each boat has five crew and room for a passenger, so get in quick! (Photos from this year’s Dook.)

Launch will be at about noon on January 1st, which should give time for a leisurely row before the dooking begins.

North Queensferry usually row across to join us

Raffle results

Marianne writes: Congratulations to all winners from Saturday’s Christmas raffle! Even bigger thanks to everyone who contributed such wonderful prizes, and bought raffle tickets, so many in fact that we ran out and had to resort to bits of paper! The raffle raised an amazing £275 for club funds.

Thank you to everyone involved in organising the raffle, particularly Raffle Fairies Bex, Rachel and Maria. Not forgetting the Shelf Elf, Keith, who tidied the work bench, made shelves and repaired the windows, so the Raffle Fairies could work their magic!

Finally, thank you to resident Soup Dragon Alistair, to those who bought baking and other food. And thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a jolly event!

Merry Christmas!