Development weekend videos online

I’m in the process of uploading to Flickr the videos Gabe took in December – it’s taking a while, but there are four there to look at so far.

Rowing development weekend, December 2018

This one is Keith, Alan S, Robin and Alistair, with Gabriel coxing.  Click here to see more – and check back now and then. There are 15 altogether – I’m going for a variety of rowers initially.

Tides for 25-30 March

Rachel writes: The tides are looking better for us this week ahead, so there are plenty rowing opportunities.

Monday 25th March
05.41 — 5.7 m H. 11.15 — 0.9 m L. 18.07 — 5.7 m H

Tuesday 26th
06.26 — 5.4 m H. 11.28 — 1.3 m L 18.52 — 5.3 m H

Wednesday 27th
07.10 — 5.0 m H. 12.03 — 1.7 m L. 19.41 — 4.9 m H

Thursday 28th
08.00 — 4.7 m H. 13.20 — 2.1 m L 20.42 — 4.6 m H

Friday 29th
09.06 — 4.4 m H. 15.04 — 2.3 m L. 22.02 — 4.4 m H

Saturday 30th
10.30 — 4.4 m H. 17.44 — 2.1 m L. 23.15 — 4.5 m H


Ferry Maid back in service

Mike B writes: Just to let you all know that Ferry Maid has completed her mid-season wash and brush up and is now available to use once more.

Special thanks go to the dedicated painting team of Duncan and George for all their effort on both the Lass and the Maid over the last few weeks, to John H for his varnishing and especially to Mike McD for his work on remodelling our new oars and the rudders for both the Maid and the Lass and for improvements made to the footrests for both the Lass and the Maid. Thanks are also due to Douglas for his snazzy new pins

Finally, thanks to our master of works, Mark, for keeping us all on track during the maintenance works on both boats.

Tides for 18-24 March

Rachel writes: Last week’s weather brought us some challenges, but this coming week  we have some low tides coming through to give us a disruptive weekend ahead.

Monday 18th March
06.17 — 1.6 m L. 12.17 — 5.2 m H. 18.54 — 1.0 m L

Tuesday 19th
07.15 — 1.2 m L. 13.16 — 5.6 m H. 19.53 — 0.6 m L

Wednesday 20th
08.08 — 0.9 m L. 14.11 — 5.9 m H. 20.43 — 0.2 m L

Thursday 21st
08.54 — 0.6 m L. 15.01 — 6.1 m H. 21.26 — 0.0 m L

Friday 22nd
09.36– 0.4 m L. 15.50 — 6.2 m H. 22.03 — 0.0 m L

Saturday 23rd
10.14 — 0.4 m L. 16.37 — 6.2 m H The tide is too low between 07.15 and 12.00. Await further details.

Sunday 24th
10.49 — 0.6 m L. 17.22 — 6.0 m H   The tide is too low between 08.15 and 13.00. Await further details.

The weather is looking reasonable, so have a good week everyone .

Quick maintenance update

Mike McD writes: Thanks to all our dedicated maintenance team, Ferry Lass should be operational as of Sunday.  However, the replacement for the broken Clenshaw oar is not yet with us and the ‘New’ oars are currently being modified and won’t be ready until next weekend.  It seems sensible therefore the just swap Lass for Maid.  We can then reshape the rudder on Maid and tidy up the rubbed paintwork on footrests and the kelson at the same time.  New toe-straps for Lass have also still to arrive.

So the team will be working next week and all being well, we will have both boats available for next weekend.


Mike McD and Mark fit the new footrests (PS: Welcome back, Mel and Maria!)