Fundraising fun at the ceilidh

Keith writes: As well as having a great time at tomorrow night’s QRC ceilidh, there is a chance to help fundraising for our club. Rory and I are organising a Pound and Bottle game of skill during the food break. For this to be a success can I implore you to remember to bring as many pound coins as you might want to use to get the chance to win a fine bottle of fizz or (yes, two chances) a good bottle of single malt whisky. I will organise a float of £1 coins which can be exchanged for paper money, but if you could bring pound coins that would be great.

It’s a pound a shot, as many shots as you like. Nearest coin to the bottle wins. A good shot can knock the nearest coin away so that you are nearest. Underhand rolling or sliding are the only permissible ways to play.
There will be a line on the floor so no-one can creep forward. As, like me,
some of you are older I will provide a mat on which you can kneel. Only one person at a time can play, so that we can identify the leading coin.


The social subgroup adds: Remember – tickets include food at half time, and it’s BYOB, so get your ‘carry-oot’ organised!  It would also help if you could bring your own glasses, and take home any recycling (otherwise we have to take it home!).

 The QRC Nifty Knotters will have a wee stand, so please have a look at their fabulous, handcrafted monkey fist products, which all are for sale.

We will have a small number of tickets for sale at the door on the night (in addition to those of you who have already contacted the team). Doors open at 19:00, Ewan Galloway and his band are looking to playing for us, and we hope you have a great night!