QRC regatta 2019

Our annual regatta is almost upon us! Crews from all round Scotland will descend on Port Edgar on Saturday to race on what can be argued to be the most picturesque course in the coastal rowing calendar, between the iconic Forth Bridges. Along with crews from South and North Queensferry, there will also be skiffs from Crail, Portsoy, Eskmuthe (Musselburgh), St Andrews, Kinghorn, Wormit, Findochty, Alnmouth, Eastern and Broughty Ferry.

Last year’s QRC regatta

The racing starts at 10am, with races throughout the day at 1045, 1100, 1215, 1330, 1415, 1500 and 1545. The last race of the day is one that is close to our hearts, as it is named after Andy Jarvis, a founder member who passed away in 2016. The premise of the Andy race is that pick-and-mix crews drawn from different clubs race against each other, as Andy was happy to race with anyone. Click here to download a race programme.

Andy rowing with Louise for North Queensferry at Ullapool in 2015

Anne P writes: Tonight is set-up night. If you have some time to help it would be great to see you at the shed. I’m hoping to be there by 6pm at the latest but some folk may be there earlier. The more of us there are, the quicker we’ll be.

If you could arrive bright and early on Saturday morning (7ish) that would be great as well.

Green guru Rachel H writes: 

The majority of the club’s mugs – we own around 35 – have been given an ‘intensive dishwasher’ at my house! Previously we have used disposables for coffee/tea/soup, the ones that are recyclable, but perhaps we can offer our cups instead, with the disposables being used if we run out.  Rowers are very good now at bringing their own, and we have reminded them .
We also have wooden stirrers .

We had asked Russell for mixed recycling bins,and he happily agreed to have them for our regatta, but the bins that appeared a few weeks ago were not ideal and have gone again. We do hope another option will still appear in the picnicking area in front of the shed. So, another reason to offer proper mugs. Washing is our issue, but they can all go back to a dishwasher .

Water bottles
We are not offering bottled water as previously, but instead we will have two  large water containers with taps, filled with tap water. The clubs know we are offering this and they can refill their own bottles as required.

Children’s cups
We usually offer jugs of juice for the children free of charge in plastic disposable cups, but if anyone has some children’s washable plastic cups this could be a better option. I have nine. We trust all the rowers’ honesty to borrow and return .

Sandwich Wrappers
Barbara has offered paper bags as an alternative to plastic wrap etc.

Catering ops in 2017

Catering supremo Rebecca writes: Firstly can I say a MASSIVE thank you for all the donation offers, I’m blown away,  and what a spread it is going to be

So a few further requests if possible :

  • Pans for the soup to be heated if not already coming in a pan? Ladles to serve with.
  • Jam jars for our granola – they can be returned or we can clean them and give to Anne F for her jam.
  • Jugs for juice.
  • Washing up bowls if anyone can loan us a few.
  • If anyone wants to donate but not cook, perhaps some fruit, crisps etc could be good.

Sadly I am working this evening and won’t finish until late.  I will be there for 7am Saturday to get set up. I’ve done a schedule for the day, I hope it suits all. Let me know if not and I can switch things around, nothing is set in stone !

During the clearing up time, I intend on enjoying a large G&T or Prosecco.  Hopefully some other members can join us in the shed to toast to the success of our regatta – hopefully with some medals visible – around 5pm.