Regatta round-up

Club captain Marianne writes: First…..Eskmuthe. What a wonderful day out for the club!  The regatta was a great mixture of club races, and mix-up races, over 1km with a buoy turn. The format gave everyone opportunities to race with skiffies from other clubs, and in other boats.  

Our partnership with our immediate neighbours, Newhaven and North Queensferry, continues with rowers Sean, John and Sarah welcome additions to our racing crews. Our wonderful friends at Alnmouth gave us race coxes for the day, and a different set of boat orders into the mix. It’s fair to say that our rudder – they launch off beaches so have one that can be raised – gave them something to think about too!

Rain didn’t dampen our spirits! Photo by Marianne

Virtually everyone came home with a medal, including Filip and Ondrej, two of our youth rowers. Well done lads! Eleni, in her first regatta, came home with a medal too.

The weather while it behaved most of the time, broke in an appropriately enough for a Sunday, biblical downpour during the Men’s Open and saw Richard and Sean completely drenched. The thunder was a bit triggering for those of us who were at Ullapool! 

Thanks to everyone who was involved in packing and unpacking in any way, to our tower Richard, and to the Monday crew who came in to the wet gazebo draped over every possible surface to try and dry it. 

Hot on the heels of the fantastic fun of Eskmuthe comes the test that is North Berwick’s regatta, on Saturday. With a course of over 3km (I’m sure it’s longer…) around Craigleith, it’s probably the toughest regatta racing test in Scottish coastal rowing. It’s also a lovely day out at the seaside! We have a youth crew racing, with the addition of a young NB rower.

The Maid racing at North Berwick last year. Photo by Barbara