Return to rowing: nearly there!

Club captain Anne P writes: I just wanted to give you a quick update regards progress with our return to rowing.

The crew testing the protocol – Marianne, Mark, Peter and Stevie L

As you are aware, our first successful launch with our new Covid protocols took place earlier this week. Following feedback from the crew some adjustments have been made. Our second crew of skippers will take to the water this evening and again feedback will be gathered as we refine our procedures. A new tab has been created on the website where the relevant documents and links can be found. We would recommend that you familiarise yourself with these as we move towards members returning to rowing.

At the committee meeting last week we agreed that we need to gather the views of members in preparation for putting crews together. As our membership ranges from those who are and have been working with the public throughout, to those who have been shielding, there may be some matching required to ensure that everyone who wants to row is comfortable with the options available.

A survey is being prepared for club members to be able to share any particular requests regards their comfort level and needs when rowing with a particular crew and skipper. A similar survey has already taken place for skippers. We are also exploring the best option for gathering a crew and booking a boat. It is important to us that everyone who wants to row, has the opportunity and that we manage this in as inclusive and equitable a way as possible.

Further updates will continue as we proceed and in the meantime feel free to raise any questions with any member of the return to rowing subgroup i.e. John Howell, Maria Van Dalen, Marianne Sandison, Anne Flannery and myself.

Nearly there!

In other news, Mark reports that Ferry Lass received a coat of varnish this morning and will be ready to row next Monday. He gave a big vote of thanks to Douglas for keel band bending and fixing with Alistair, as well as to the boat turners, plus Mike B and the RTR team for access permits.