RowAround 2020/21

Club captain Dónal writes: After many emails being sent back and forth between the various clubs surrounding the Forth, we have finally come up with a plan for QRC’s part in the RowAround.

The plan for Sunday 22nd is that we launch both boats at 12pm. We make our way out to the bay where we meet North Queensferry with hopefully both their boats. We then Row down under the Forth Bridge, around Inchgarvie, in by North Queensferry, and then up under the Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing. We then go to the mid point of the Forth where we receive the Baton from North Queensferry. Faithful will be with us throughout, with a photographer or two on board, TBC. These pictures will then be sent to Rowaround for publicity.

The baton is passed from Royal West to new club Royal Northern & Clyde Coastal Rowing team in June

After the handover we all head back to Port Edgar, where we hope to have a BBQ. I say hope, as unfortunately  our BBQ King is busy that weekend and is unable to make it so if anyone would like to take up the mantle could you let me know please at 

The idea of the BBQ is to welcome all the Members back to the Club after such a long hiatus away and to welcome the new Members to the Club who have joined since we started Rowing again. I’ll have more details for the BBQ once we find a chef. 😀

On Monday 23rd QRC will transport the Baton down to Granton. We will have to leave at 1430 to make sure there is enough water in Granton Harbour when we get there.  I am in the process of putting together a passage plan.  

The batons, Spirit and Community

At the moment I don’t have timings for the other legs but will hopefully have them in the next few days and we can then arrange crews to suit as the week progresses. If there are any more that wish to take part in the legs there is still space so again contact me on the above email address.  I hope this is of assistance and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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