Rules and conditions


Rules and Conditions of Membership

By signing the declaration on the membership form you are confirming receipt of the Welcome Pack and your agreement to the following:

1. Health and Fitness

That participation in any Club activity is voluntary and at your own risk.
That you will, as necessary, advise a responsible person/skipper or coxswain of any medical condition that could put you or others at risk.

2. Data Protection

That personal contact information may be retained on a data base for club purposes only, for use by the Club officers or committee members.
That your e-mail address may be added to the Google Group for the purpose of sharing information and communication between Club members in an appropriate and sensible manner. Misuse of this facility will be subject to sanction by the Committee.
That you have no objection to the publication of photographs or video of club events and the participants therein.
NOTE: Queensferry Rowing Club will endeavour to prevent inappropriate use of personal information and material held by the Club.


Queensferry Rowing Club is an affiliated member of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association.
You agree to comply with their rules and policies and any arrangements in place by other clubs for the organisation of events in which QRC may participate.

4. Experience

QRC operates a voluntary training and assessment system for those wishing to accept more responsibility for both the boat and crew.
You agree to provide any relevant information which may enable a responsible person/skipper or coxswain to assess your level of knowledge, experience and capability.

5. Code of Conduct

That you have read, understood and will comply with the Code of Conduct.

Rev 01/11/2019