Saturday development day

Anne P writes: We’ve had a strong interest  for our development day with Gabriel tomorrow. This is taking the place of social rowing.

Gabriel describes the day as “talking, having a look at rowers and boat and making a plan”. We hope this will encompass the basics of boat set up, basic technique (rowing and coxing), to more specific race training and techniques. We also plan to do some video work and John H will have Faithful ready for us. Gabe has a camera lined up for us to use.

The Maid is still off the water but we are able to borrow a boat from NQ to get as many people out as possible and allow changeovers/ races etc. A crew from NQ will also join us in their second boat.

As if it wasn’t impressive enough that we have so many dedicated rowers willing to turn up for some training after a night out, we now need some ultra dedicated folk to bring the NQ boat over on Saturday morning. Peter (NQ) has advised that we should be in NQ for 8.15. Any volunteers please?

Gabriel has offered us the day. Some people can only come for part of the day and that’s OK. Please be aware that there will likely be some waiting and chopping and changing throughout so please dress warmly and bear with us. Bring food and drink if you wish. With the Maid in the shed things will also likely feel tight but as yet there is unfortunately no other space available in Port Edgar for us to go.

Thanks everyone for all of your interest. I can think of no better hangover cure!