ON THIS DAY – Episode 9

Continuing the as-it-happened story of how our club was born, ten years ago. 

Mike McD writes: We got the key for the vacant unit next to Scotmid (now divided into the vet’s and Barnardo’s charity shop) on 31 August, with just time to organise an inspection and clear up, because on 3 September, the kit arrived (see picture).

The project team had held their 4th meeting in mid August when it was reported that further donations – £200 from Seakist Antiques, and £100 each from John Howell and ‘Ferrie Scarie’, the ghost walk – had brought our total to £720 – sufficient to pay the final installment to Alec Jordan.

So things were really starting to move. We agreed on the need for more publicity – an official hand-over of the premises to start with, and a whole list of possible fundraising activities. We were lucky – with Agilent leaving Queensferry, we obtained a large number of tables and chairs, as well as a metal workbench (Yes, the one in the shed!).

Not to forget the rowing, we had been invited to enter a mixed team for the Traditional Boat Festival at North Queensferry on 11 September.

ON THIS DAY – Episode 7

The as-it-happened story of how our club was born, ten years ago.

Mike (with help from Sheena and Peter) writes: We held the third meeting of SCRP -Q on the evening of 9 July. Peter told us we had £720 in the kitty, thanks to a further donation from Rotary Club and a cheque from Ranald and Sheena – all as reported in the J&G (see below). With enough for a deposit, he had mailed Alec Jordan to order our kit, putting Queensferry 16th on the list.

In the previous month we had sent letters to all businesses asking for donations. Mike and Stuart had spent a lunchtime session at the High School with the display boards and got a lot of interest from the students about the project. We had further discussion with Scotmid, offering us a 3 month lease with one month extension, but we still had to find out if QCRP – Q could get rates relief. Mel had finalised the agreed constitution and we were now in a position to open a bank account.

Graham L agreed to look into getting a website up and running (queensferryrowing.org) and we all agreed to go down to Eyemouth on 11th to witness the launch of ‘Unity’.

ON THIS DAY – Episode 6

On 20 June 2020, Mike McD writes: The day finally arrived and, as promised, so did Alec Jordan and the Anstruther crew with Chris o’ Kanaird. Thankfully, unlike some years, the weather for Queensferry’s RNLI Open Day, 20th June 2010, was kind to us.

Here was, for most of us, our first opportunity to see a St Ayles skiff in real life. Pictures speak louder than words so, the three photos on this post are a sample from a larger collection from the day, which are now on the club Flickr. Suffice to say, duly admired, examined – kabes, oars, footrests, etc,. photographed and launched there were several test rows – Peter, Mel and Stuart M and perhaps others I can’t remember.

As part of the Open Day events I ‘fell out over the bow’ with orange smoke signal, and had to be rescued by the lifeboat!

Both we and Anstruther had display boards up (see the photo collection) to describe the project as well as our researched history of Rowing at Queensferry.

ON THIS DAY – Episode 5

Mike McD writes: Ten years ago today, the first formal meeting of the now formed ‘Scottish Coastal Rowing Project – Queensferry’ heard from Peter that there were two potential sources of funding although both took about three months to process. We agreed to go for the Lottery ‘Awards for All’. Graham Leith handed over a cheque for £100 from the Rotary Club – our first donation! (Stuart R, President, had invited me to give a presentation, actually the Thursday evening before our first meeting in May). Peter was to open a bank account.

We also agreed to write to all local businesses inviting donations ( by ‘buying’ bits of the boat – see below).

I would like to give a donation for:
(Please tick box)

Keel £200 [   ]
Planking (12) £150 each [   ]
Stem & Stern posts £100 [   ]
Oars (4) £75 each [   ]
Ribs (4) £50 each [   ]
Rudder £35 [   ]
Tiller £25 [   ]
Seats(4) £15 each [   ]
Rowing kabes(8) £10 each [   ]


I would like to give £…. to pay for fittings and finishes.

Please make cheques out to ‘Scottish Coastal Rowing Project – Queensferry’

Mel had provided a draft for our constitution which was discussed with final suggestions for the next meeting and Stuart M reported on the possibility of getting the vacant unit from Scotmid, if we could get rates relief. (This, it turned out, would relieve Scotmid from paying rates on the empty unit, but we would have to agree a minimum term to give us time to complete, before a tenant moved in.)

Finally things were all set for Alec Jordan and the Anstruther crew and boat to come over on 20th for the RNLI Open Day – we just had to spread the word.