Tides for the week of 23-29 September

Dónal writes: First off, congratulations to the Castle to Crane crews for a magnificent effort on Saturday. Fourth for the Men’s Open is a tremendous result. Click here to view the full results. and click here for more QRC photos. And for even more photos, taken by professional Daren Borzynski, click here. Finally, click here for the SCRA’s report on the race.

Ferry Lass’s crew came fourth in their category, the Men’s Open, and 14th overall.
Ferry Maid’s Women’s 50+ crew all smiles after rowing non-stop for almost four hours. They came sixth in their category.

Sadly this week will be our last week of official evening social rowing sessions, as it is getting dark too early. As they say, “the nights are fair drawing in”. Luckily we should be okay on Tuesday and on Thursday at a push to enjoy the last of the autumn light. Sessions start at 6pm.

There will be no social rowing on Saturday.  Both boats will be away, one on the Tweed Row and the other to Monster the Loch,  where two crews will row the length of Loch Ness. It is possible there will be only one boat available for the 1pm session on Sunday, as the other may not be back from Loch Ness.

Monday 23rd September
0950—4.7 m H. 1650 — 2.4 m L. 2219 – 4.7 m H

Tuesday 24th September
1104 — 4.8 m H 1753 — 2.2 m L 2334 — 4.8 m H.

Wednesday 25th September
0623 — 1.6 m L 1222 — 5.1 m H. 1847 — 1.8 m L

Thursday 26th September
0720 — 1.2 m L 1326 — 5.5 m H. 1939 — 1.4 m L – Last evening social rowing session of the year.

Friday 27th September
0819 — 0.7 m L. 1420 — 5.8 m H. 2032 — 1.1 m L

Saturday 28th September
0913 — 0.4 m L. 1510 — 6.1 m H. 2122 — 0.8 m L – NO SOCIAL ROWING

Sunday 29th September
1000 — 0.1 m L. 1558 — 6.3 m H. 2207 — 0.6 m L