Training sessions for 2020 events

Anne P writes: Welcome to season 2020, which kicked off at the weekend with an exciting North-South challenge, with all of the drama that we expect from skiff racing, including a broken oar. Congratulations to the North!

We now start to look to the year ahead, which will bring a range of rowing opportunities, at home, with our neighbours and further afield, to new rowing parts of the country.

There are a few details to be confirmed but click here to view the updated calendar for the year ahead, comprising a mix of regattas and longer rows, some day trips and some weekends.

If you’re new to the club, new to rowing or new to racing you might want to consider getting involved in the training opportunities that are offered.

If you’re an old hand, now is the time to shake off the winter blues and get back into your training routine.

QRC in action at the Skiffie Worlds in Stranraer last year

The technique and training sub group (Maria, Mel, Anne F, Marianne and Anne P, apologies from Lesley) met recently to review last season and make plans for the season ahead.

Last year we established some new training routines by introducing age category training to the club. We also held two development days where we looked at technique and consistency in our rowing and training approaches.

Currently we have two groups of training sessions:

  •  Open training on a Saturday morning, generally at 8am, organised by Sharon
  • Age category training, organised by the group at a time to suit, using the boat booking system on Google Calendars

We are looking to build on this in the year ahead by introducing age category mixed crew training as well as further cox training to ensure greater consistency.

Ready to launch at last year’s Loch Awe Adventure, one of the long-distance races on the calendar

If you have never signed up to training, or you are new to training sessions, you can do so:

  • For open sessions – email Sharon at
  • For age category training – email Mel at Please include your date of birth. This is needed to establish which age category you fit into as well as for calculating crew ages in some regatta races. Date of birth information will not be shared.
Queensferry Youth Regatta 2019

Each age category has a nominated representative. Once new category lists have been established we will ask for a representative to be nominated and arrange a get-together to establish set times, especially for mixed crew training. If you are, or are prepared to be, the representative for your particular age category, please let Mel know.

We intend to place more information about training here on the website so that everything is in one place for members to access.

Should anyone wish to join the training and technique sub-group, please contact Mel.

Below: Focus on technique, December 2018 development day. Click here to see more videos from the day.