Unusual tidal event

Mike McD reports: For the interest of all tide-watchers, on this Thursday, the 21st, the predicted height of low water in the evening is zero. In other words, what you see on the Chart is what you see on the shore.

This, strangely enough is predicted to happen again in March, on evenings of the 21st and 22nd. It didn’t happen last year (the lowest was 0.2 in March, August and September) and it will not happen again this year.

Some of us are better acquainted with low tide at Port Edgar than others….

Barbara adds: This news caused something of a ripple in the shed on Sunday and if you’re thinking of venturing down to the marina on Thursday evening for a look, you probably won’t be alone!

According to the Windfinder tidal predictions for Port Edgar, the witching hour is 9:39pm, and the tide level is given as minus 0.04 metres. With Spring tides (click for an explanation), where there’s a trough there’s a peak – the corresponding high tide on Thursday is 6.61 metres at 3:48pm.