Below: a video of the launch of Ferry Maid in 2012, made by the now defunct Caledonian Mercury news website.

Below: a video of Queensferry’s 2018 regatta compiled by John Lynn

Below: a clip from an STV news broadcast that featured Queensferry Rowing Club

Below: a couple of videos of a row on the Union Canal – note the tiny oars!

Click here for a collection of videos taken at various regattas – by Len, possibly

Below is a collection of videos compiled by Michael Hutchison, a former QRC secretary. Warning: some of the music is LOUD! All notes below the videos are by Michael.

On the 29th of November 2013, a crew from Queensferry Rowing Club attempted the journey to Blackness. Conditions were tough and we had to fight for every inch we moved upriver. After several hours it was decided we’d have to turn back and have our picnic back at Port Edgar!

Saturday the 21st of September 2013 played host to the second St Ayles skiff row up the tweed to Paxton House. The water level was exceedingly low leading to many problems for the row upriver. The lack of water caused frequent groundings and several boats required a tow from the safety boat. There were also several points where it was necessary to get out of the boat and walk it through the shallows. All told, the journey took over two and a half hours – fighting for every inch of progress.

On Saturday the 16th of September 2013, Queensferry Rowing Club made the trip past the Rail Bridge to say hello to the visiting Cruise Liner. On our way there we saw two other wooden boats. The First was made by John Watson – one of the builders of Ferry Lass. It is based on one of the earliest Iain Oughtred designs – Iain Oughtred of course being the designer of the St Ayles Skiff.

Newburgh hosted the last Regatta of the season this year and did a terrific job. This year there were skiffs from Newburgh, Pittenweem, Ansruther and Queensferry. My thanks to Len for providing me with some wonderful footage.

The Women’s 40+ race. Queensferry Rowing Club Regatta 2013.

Queensferry Rowing Club attended Portobello’s regatta – but first we had to row to Portobello in an impressive time of 2 hours and 43 minutes. Porty chose to mix things up a bit by having teams chosen at random from throughout the competing clubs. We had a tremendous time and would like to congratulate Rowporty on their day.

More of Michael’s videos can be seen here: Michael Hutchison on YouTube

Below, “building a St Ayles skiff” video compiled by the Anstruther rowing club.