Skiffie Worlds Day 3

QRC exceed expectations in Men’s Open

Day three of the Worlds brought showers and very muggy weather. Conditions for racing were perfect, with flat calm conditions. The early birds had to be at Race HQ for 0900 for the coxes briefing with Anne F, Alistair and Mike B up for guiding our crews around the course. Speaking of early birds, there is a family of swans in Stranraer with eight cygnets and they glided majestically across the Loch before coming on to the beach and up towards all the gazebos. They tried to get up on to the promenade which for the most part was achieved by all put two of the swans. The last two needed human assistance which judging by the demeanour of the adult swans was not appreciated too much. The swans then waddled off to the pond in Agnew Park.

Back to the racing and the reason we are all here. The first race was the Mixed 40+ with a crew of Dónal, Lorna, Val, Gabe and Anne F Coxing. It was noted that Queensferry were invariably in Heat 4 in most categories, which was to prove too much for one of the crews later in the day. Even though it was calm the heavens opened just before our race and we were very thankful for the rain as it was very muggy.

This heat was the strongest of the four and the crew did remarkably well finishing in a time of 11:49.2. It was later discovered that this time would have got us to the Repechage if we were in heats one or two. The crew were racing against North Queensferry so there was a wee bit of local rivalry and I am pleased to report that Queensferry were triumphant as the North finished in a time of 12:27.

The next race that Queensferry were involved in was the Mixed 280+. The premise of this is that the crews ages must add up to 280 years or more. Our Crew consisted of Rachel, the legend that is George, Cherry and Peter with Alistair as Cox. This was a straight final and the crew rowed very well. Unfortunately, they were unable to make any impact at the front of the race. At the time of writing I don’t know the full results, but I do know that Dunbar came second which was a tremendous achievement from one of our fellow Forth Clubs. The oldest person to Row in this race was 88 years of age and what makes this more remarkable is that the man in question had rowed in the 60+ with his daughter and they came 6th.

Up next for Queensferry was the Men’s Open Heat 4 with the same crew as the Men’s 40+ from the previous day. Dónal, Gabe, Ben and Stevie Watson took to the water with Mike Breewood coxing us. Again, the Heavens opened which wasn’t as refreshing as before. The crew started in Lane 9 and had a wonderful start. After the turn the Cox told us that we were in third place which was a qualifying place for the Final. The crew rowed hard for the line but had slipped down to fifth by the time they got to the line. All was not lost as they had qualified for the Repechage. One of the boats that Queensferry beat was North Queensferry. Queensferry came in with a time of 11:51 with the North coming in with a time of 12:30. That was twice in one day that the North had been defeated. Could these races be counted as the North v South for this year?

As Queensferry were in heat 4 there wasn’t much time before they were out again to try and get to the Final. There was a turnover of no more than 45 minutes before the crew was out again. The first three made it to the Final, unfortunately the race proved too strong for the crew and they finished 11th out of 12, being pipped on the line by no more than a quarter boat length by Troon but coming in ahead of Stranraer in a time of 11:54.

In an update of Mice and Flan, a truce has been called and they are all living in harmony. Anne even brought home some food that was gifted by members of the Club as a housewarming gift. This food was cheese!

Report filed by Dónal.