Youth rowers shine at North Berwick!

On Sunday 20 June, seven of QRC’s youth rowers Oisin, Aaron, Diarmuid, Susan, Georgina, Will and Archie accepted an invitation from North Berwick to row with them, and Eastern. This is the report from NB’s Claire Simpson, one of the chief organisers, with a few thanks at the end to those in QRC who helped make the trip possible.

Photo courtesy of NBRC

Junior Muster June 2021 

Achieving the impressive task of mustering twenty-six teenagers on the beach by 10.00am on a Sunday morning was just the start of a fantastic day which marked a welcome return to inter-club rowing. 

Eastern Amateur Rowing Club and South Queensferry travelled to our beautiful coastal waters in North Berwick to venture round the island of Craigleith in Enid Blyton style and take part in mini sprints round the bay. 

Photo by Lorna Bark

The row in company saw five boats disappear round the harbour wall, the most skiffs seen together in North Berwick for over a year. Lizzie Cowan, from NBRC, who coxed a mixed club crew of girls thought she might need to fill in some awkward gaps in the conversation but her worries were unfounded when the girls readily chatted across a diverse set of topics including mascara, kittens and algebra during their row. 

Photo by Louise Innes

On returning to shore the junior rowers took on some refreshments, generously provided by the NBRC’s club mates, and studied the crew lists for the sprint course set up by North Berwick’s Robbie Wightman and Dave Davidson. 

The girls went out first and Eastern’s crew showed their power and rowing style which gave them the advantage for a win against a North Berwick/South Queensferry mix. North Berwick’s older boys came out with the fastest time of the day in the next set of races with all three crews discovering how buoy turns work for the first time. The final races of the day saw NBRC younger boys coxed by Jacque Turner take the win over a South Queensferry/Eastern mixed crew that included some of the youngest rowers to take part. 

Photo by Lorna Bark

The effort and determination of every crew was a delight to see and they were rewarded with a burst of sunshine during further refreshments and presentation of the beautiful medals made by the very creative Cowan family. Taking home your first coastal rowing medal is a memory to cherish. 

Everyone agreed it was a delight to be back mixing with other clubs and seeing so many young people, the future of our clubs, leading the way. 

This is our normal. 

Claire Simpson, North Berwick Rowing Club 

Photo by Lorna Bark

Marianne adds a few QRC thanks 

Thanks for everyone who helped make this day happen.   

Firstly, to North Berwick for their invitation, hospitality and organisation.  It was a wonderfully joyful day where the sun shone, seas were calm and there were plenty of puffins!   Thank you to both North Berwick and Eastern for your friendship.

Thanks to Len and Douglas for sorting out the road trailer and making it possible for us to treat Ferry Maid to a day out!  To Paul McVeigh for towing her safely there.  To Louise, Rachel and Peter for their continued support for youth rowing, and to Louise and Rachel for coxing on the day.  To Dónal for working with me on the organisation.  To the parents who support our young rowers! 

And finally, thank you to our fabulous youth rowers, Diarmuid, Will, Susan, Archie, Georgina, Oisín and Aaron, who proved they are up for anything, and represented our club so positively. 

Photo by Lorna Bark

We are lucky to have you, and we hope you enjoyed your day as much as we all did!    

Now we need to think about the return match…..! 

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