About Queensferry Rowing Club

Ferry Lass was launched on the 17th of April 2011 and enjoyed a busy first season of regattas and recreational rowing. In November 2012 she was joined by her sister ship Ferry Maid.

Ferry Lass and Ferry Maid are but two of more than 200 boats on the water or in the process of being built across Scotland – and now England, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand – using the St Ayles skiff design. The concept of a community built boat has caught hold of the public imagination.

The St Ayles skiff is built from a kit and therefore all boats within the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association use a similar design, making the boats perfect for racing. Although there can be great variation between the different clubs – especially in terms of oar and cabe designs.

The St Ayles skiff design is impressive. We have rowed in flat calm seas, large swells and rough, choppy waters.

Queensferry Rowing Club has been growing steadily, appealing to people from a range of backgrounds and ages. The launch of Ferry Maid has enabled us to get more people out onto the water for longer.

The Forth is getting busier, with a number of nearby clubs having launched their second or even third boat. In the last three years, a traditional Scottish recreational activity has returned to the waters of Scotland. Rowing has a long and rich heritage. Fishing communities, such as South Queensferry, undertook competitive rowing well into the 1950s. We are glad that we are able to continue this fine tradition.

If you would like to get involved, please contact a member of the committee. Regular rowing sessions are held throughout the year – in winter it’s usually 9am on Saturdays and 1pm on Sundays. During the summer, an evening sessions of 6pm is added on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The exact time depends on tides, as we cannot launch in very low water. Also, a session may be cancelled due to weather conditions, such as high winds. Check this website for information.

All QRC members enjoy a 10% discount at the Bosun’s Locker shop, which has a fine selection of wet-weather gear as well as gloves and footwear.

 If you are new to rowing and fancy having a shot or want more information, get in touch with Lesley Jones: membership@queensferryrowing.org  or 07970 721298.

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