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Portobello Regatta 2013 this weekend – posted posted 22 Jul 2013 by Michael Hutchison

This Saturday we hope to attend Rowporty’s regatta. It should be an interesting one for several reasons. Firstly, we don’t have anyone available to tow the boat. However, depending on the weather, we do hope to get Ferry Maid there in time by making the journey by boat. In terms of distance rowed, this will probably be one of the longest voyages we have attempted. Hopefully, it will happen and we will arrive with enough energy to take part.

Even if we can’t bring the boat, we do still hope to attend and take part. We will be able to do this because Rowporty have decided to change the format of their regatta, to try and shake things up a bit after the seriousness of worlds. They plan on having randomised crews from amongst the clubs attending. This is therefore a great opportunity to try out other skiffs and row with people from other clubs. This should be both fun and an opportunity for the clubs attending to get ideas regarding skiff construction and rowing technique.

If you wish to take part, there is a signup sheet in the shed or you can contact a member of the committee.

Last Sunday’s row was fairly busy, with several new members taking to the water. Conditions were… exciting, with a fair swell and wind coming from the East. We primarily stayed in the harbour for the first row, but then proceeded into the harbour mouth for the second. Hopefully, things will be a bit calmer for the trip to Portobello!

Portobello 2013: Full report & Video – posted 27 Jul 2013 by Michael Hutchison

Andy, Ally, Mike, Michael and Siobhan

In a fantastic time of two hours and forty three minutes, an intrepid crew made the journey between Port Edgar and Portobello. Weather conditions could not have been more perfect – flat calm water reflecting the glorious sunshine. Enroute we came across several of the Forth’s most curious inhabitants.
Portobello presented a beautiful sandy beach drenched in sunlight – though our initial priority was breakfast!
After the Worlds, Rowporty felt that they wanted to shake things up a bit from the standard regatta formula. By having randomised teams, it was a chance for everyone to row in a different boat with a team from multiple different clubs. The format was an unqualified success.
See all the fun in the video and pictures below.

Queensferry Nurses & Hopetoun Estates take to waves – posted 30 Jul 2013

The 1st of September will play host to the first “Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge”. Taking place the day after our regatta, it should be a chance to bring together the wider community within Queensferry for some…. friendly… competition.
We are inviting all those who are taking part down to the shed over the coming weeks – to get some experience on the boat.

The first team to take to the water were Queensferry’s very own nurses!
They were followed by the team from Hopetoun Estates.

Both crews seemed to really enjoy their first time on the water, despite the rather showery conditions.

As for the more experienced rowers, we know the importance of a piping hot cup of tea prior to braving the elements. Hopefully it’ll be drier for the next team on Thursday!

Team Scotmid, transits and jelly fish! – posted 6 Aug 2013

AMCRC – the Scotmid crew

Today’s rowing session was the second time we have seen the Scotmid team get out on the water. With the number of practice sessions they have planned, they are likely to be one of the teams to beat!

The Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge begins at 11am on the 1st of September.

Along with the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge, We are also busy organising for our regatta on the 31st of August. This evening, we were asked to have a look at the transit for the intended start line. The current plan is to race from a line by the road bridge to a buoy near the rail bridge.

In a club first, Ally had the misfortune of being stung by a jelly fish as we brought the boat in!

There are a number of events upcoming. On Saturday we will be showing off Ferry Maid in the Ferry Fair parade. This is a chance to show the boat off to the community as a whole. Hopefully, we might interest some newbies to come and have a go!

Other upcoming events include the North Berwick regatta on the 24th of August and the Newburgh regatta in September.

One particular highlight will be the upcoming North vs South Queensferry race on the 17th of August, which we have dubbed the Queensferry Rowing Challenge. It will begin at 3pm.

The Queensferry Rowing Challenge Trophy

There have two previous such races, but they were held before North Queensferry was fully up and running as a club. In previous years the North Queensferry boat was provided by Royal West and largely crewed by rowers from Royal West and South Queensferry.  As such, this year will be the first fully fledged race between the clubs! The friendly rivalry should make for a fun event. This year, the course will begin at the South Queensferry harbour with a finishing line off North Queensferry. The plan is to alternate the direction of the race each year. North Queensferry have promised some form of get together afterwards – and it would be great to see as many club members there as possible.

Jen & Len on the Radio, Thursday Rowing and NQRC – posted 9 Aug 2013

Our very own Jen & Len were recently featured in a radio programme about the history of the Forth Bridges. If you weren’t fortunate to hear it live, it is still available on the BBC website. The programme is titled “Crossing the Forth” and is an episode of Open Country on BBC Radio 4.

Yesterday we were out for our regular Thursday evening row. We chose to take a closer look at the state of construction on the new Bridge pillars.

We then happened to notice that North Queensferry were also out on the water. They were making good progress, heading across to the South Queensferry harbour. Clearly, this was an attempt to scope out the course for the upcoming Queensferry Rowing Challenge! We decided that we would be wise to show them what we could do… on our way over to say hi!

Ferry Fair 2013: Report, pic and video – posted 11 Aug 2013

Queensferry prides itself on having a strong community. There are many traditions which make Queensferry a unique place to live. Much of this special character comes from the annual traditions surrounding the Ferry Fair. The Burry Man, for example, is both one of our more unusual traditions and one of our oldest.

An annual tradition for Queensferry Rowing Club is to take part in the Ferry Fair Parade. It is a chance for the whole town to see the boat and learn about our club – while we support our local community. Other parade regulars include the various schools, groups and churches in South Queensferry.

One notable entrant is of particular significance to us – as it is a sibling of Ferry Lass! It was constructed by John, one of the builders of Ferry Lass. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is seaworthy!

Somehow half the parade managed to go around the wrong way!

Mondays are typically a rowing free night. However, upcoming events have resulted on extra sessions being organised outwith our usual times. Queensferry Care will be out on the waves tomorrow for the first time, practising for the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge. Later on in the evening, there will be a training session for the Queensferry Rowing Challenge, the annual race between ourselves and North Queensferry.

The Queensferry Rowing Challenge is next week at 3PM. Anyone wishing to cheer on the team is warmly welcome. The race will begin at Queensferry Harbour, with a finish line in North Queensferry. North Queensferry Rowing Club will be laying on festivities of some kind afterwards, so please join us for that.

North vs South Race: It is all about the taking part – posted 20 Aug 2013 by Michael Hutchison

… and ultimately the actual result is fairly inconsequential in the grand scheme of things…

In other words –  congratulations to North Queensferry on their victory!

North Queensferry’s victory only serves to underline how far they have come as a club in a very short period of time. It seems like only yesterday that we rowed over to see their first boat launch. With the launch of their second boat and an impressive showing at worlds behind them – North Queensferry have really come into their own.

QRC was represented by myself, Donal, Ally, Siobhan and Mike McD as cox. The row between the harbours was a strenuous journey, with large waves and a strong headwind.

Initially, we managed to take the lead with a strong racing start. However, midway through the race, NQ managed to put on a burst of speed and overtake.

North Queensferry were gracious in victory and treated us to an ample supply of food, drink and conversation.

Ferry Maid was left with North Queensferry overnight and we returned on the Sunday to row her back to Port Edgar. Conditions were even rougher on the Sunday – and we accompanied back by a motor boat from North Queensferry’s harbour.

The return to Port Edgar saw us arrive in time for two of the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge crews. The nurses have been frequent rowers and the conditions did not deter them from taking to the water once more. New to the boat were the team from the Police – who would be justified in having jitters given the prevailing weather!

While they were out, the rest of us had an opportunity to try something new – Kayaking! Thanks to Andrew letting people have a go of his kayak.

All in all, a fantastic couple of days. The next fortnight should be a busy one. Next week is the North Berwick Regatta – always a fun one, with a long course circumnavigating the island.

The week after is both our regatta and the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge. We hope to see as many people there as possible – ready to volunteer! They should also be a chance to build closer ties with our friends in North Queensferry, as they have been enthusiastic to lend their boats and take part.

Our continued thanks, friendship and congratulations to North Queensferry.

Fog, North Berwick and Kayaking – posted 22 Aug 2013

August has been a very busy month and shows little sign of giving us a rest. Last weekend’s North v South race is but a distant memory as all eyes are now on this Saturday’s regatta in North Berwick. This week has also seen very busy weekday rowing sessions as the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge teams continue their practice sessions.

Today saw the Police team take to the water for the first time:

Though this evening’s activities were more than slightly obscured by a dense layer of fog:

Although the fog didn’t deter the community rowers as both boats saw multiple trips out onto the water.

Preparations for the regatta continue apace as well. We now have 11 teams confirmed as attending!

Special mention must go to Lorna B’s husband Arnie, who created a true masterpiece for the regatta poster:

It even has a QR code – scan it with your smartphone to be taken directly to this very website!
…. and finally: Andrew was kind enough to offer a number of us a shot on his Kayak last Sunday. I found it to be incredibly stable compared to many Kayak designs.

North Berwick Report & QRC Regatta 2013: all you need to know – posted 26 Aug 2013 by Michael Hutchison

I am sure I speak for everyone in saying that North Berwick did a brilliant job in hosting their regatta. An early start aside, it seemed to be well organised, running to schedule and with more races for a wider variety of categories than average – a real credit to their organisers and club as a whole – who must have been busy baking for weeks beforehand!

This was the third time we have attended North Berwick’s regatta. This time the weather conditions seemed to be a bit calmer than they have been in the past.

The course was a distance of two miles in total going around the back of the Island, familiar to those of you who have attended in previous years.

The mixed novice team of myself, Siobhan, Ally and Donal achieved an impressive fourth place. The under 19 race was being held at the same time – and we managed to barely beat world champions Coigach over the line!

Stay tuned for the North Berwick video later this week!

This Saturday and Sunday will play host to our 2013 Regatta and the inaugural Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge. Hopefully as many of you as possible will get involved – whether as rowers, ceilidh attenders, cake bakers or merely as spectators. It will be a full weekend of events and we hope to see as many members and friends of the club as possible.
On the Saturday, boats will start to arrive from 8am. The coxes briefing will be a 9:45.

Saturday evening’s Ceilidh is from 7:30pm. It is open to all rowers – including the wonderful people from Helmsdale who will be camping over – and I hope to see as many of you there as possible. I’m sure we will all want to take advantage of the bar and bucking bronco (although safest not in that order) after a long days racing.

The Sunday will see the many community teams, who for the last few weeks have been enthusiastic in attending training sessions, compete. Please come along and show your support. I’m sure that there are plenty of areas where you can also be of assistance!

I attach the information pack we prepared for all the clubs attending – please read through it for exact details on what is happening such as the race timetable. If you are from a club which is intending to attend and has not received this then please contact me.

North Berwick 2013: the Video – posted 28 Aug 2013 by Michael Hutchison

You will note that we have now reached a milestone: this is the 50th post! So please celebrate with the video of last Saturday’s fantastic North Berwick regatta.

The weekend looms large – as we prepare for our influx of visitors. A number of regatta teams are planning extra training sessions to get ready. Tonight, there has been fighting talk about a race between the genders!

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