Archives 2018 – part 2

Portobello Regatta update – posted 24 Jun 2018

Rachel reports: Eighteen of us went to race at Portobello Regatta on Saturday. We also had a few supporters – baby Cal is becoming very “regatta friendly”!!

It was a perfect beach day. There were 11 clubs taking part, so some stiff competition!! We had entered nine races, with the age bracket we had with us. We had new members with us and also some members still new to regattas. Hats off to the “new” members who have only been rowing a couple of weeks or less, they did very well.

Eastern, North Berwick and Arran were the three clubs stealing the show!! However, Queensferry raced well and fought well for good middle-of-the-race positions.

As the tide went out the course did get a little shorter, but for us with our rudder, it made for more difficult holding position at the start. The last race was a “fun” relay, Crew 1 out and back, Crew 2 waiting to take lifejackets, only crews allowed to turn boats, then set off again .There was a “cardboard fish” involved also!! The turning, shallow water and long rudder didn’t put us in the top half for this!!

A great day had by all, and as always great hospitality and friendship.

More photos on Flickr

Tides for the coming week, 25 June to 1 July – posted 24 Jun 2018

Rachel reports: The last week of June heading into July tides, with  a great week of weather forecast!!

Monday 25th June
07.57 —- 1.6 m L.      13.55 —- 5.2 m H       20.17 —— 1.4 m L

Tuesday 26th
08.42 —- 1.4 m L.     14.46 —- 5.3 m H.      20.51 —- 1.4 m L

Wednesday 27th
09.20 —- 1.3 m L.      15.30 —- 5.4 m H.       21.07 —- 1.3 m L

Thursday 28th
09.42 —- 1.2 m L.      16.10 —— 5.4 m H.        21.18 —- 1.2 m L

Friday 29th
09.36 —- 1.1 m L.      16.46 —— 5.3 m H.       21.52 —- 1.2 m L

Saturday 30th
10.12 —- 1.1 m L.      17.22 —- 5.3 m H   Hoping for a pontoon after 8am training to allow social rowing as normal. We also have our annual Alan Meldrum Community Challenge event – midday at Hawes Pier. Do come and help/support!!

Sunday 1st July
10.46 —- 1.1 m L      17.58 —- 5.2 m H

Have a good week, it is a busy week ahead for the club.

Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge 2018 – posted 1 Jul 2018

Dónal Ferrie reports: A great day out on Saturday for the Alan Meldrum Community Rowing Challenge. Teams from Scottish Parliament, Ferry Blend Choir, Ferry Fit and Queensferry Diving Club rowed in sunny but windy conditions. After three heats the final was between Parliament 1, Queensferry Diving Club and Ferry Fit 1. In a close race, the Diving Club came in ahead of Ferry Fit and the Parliament.

The winning crew with Jenny Meldrum, centre, and their trophy
A scene from the final – Rachel is coxing Ferry Fit, Lesley from North Queensferry coxes Queensferry Divers, and Peter coxes the Parliament crew
Rory and crew ahead of their heat

Click here to see more photos from the day. 

Perfect tides for the week ahead – posted 3 Jul 2018

Rachel reports: What a busy time it was last week, dodging low water, cramming in Challenge training, ‘begging’ for pontoon space, and Saturday’s arrangements! Who could have factored in a film crew to share the water at the Hawes!!

However, Queensferry came through the day with good reviews,despite the challenges ?ᅡᅠThanks to everyone who organised,helped and supported.

Tides are perfect for this week.

Monday 2nd July
11.17 —- 1.2 m L.      18.37 —- 5.2 m H

Tuesday 3rd
11.45 —- 1.3 m L.       19.17 —- 5.1 m H

Wednesday 4th
07.30 —- 5.0 m H.      12.18 —- 1.4 m L.       20.00 —- 5.0 m H

Thursday 5th
08.14 —- 4.9 m H       12.59 —- 1.6 m L.        20.44 — 4.8 m H

Friday 6th
09.02 —- 4.8 m H.      13.47 —- 1.7 m L.     21.34 —- 4.8 m H

Saturday 7th
09.55 —- 4.8 m H.      14.49 —- 1.8 m L.

Sunday 8th
10.56 —- 4.8 m H.       17.30 —- 1.8 m L

Ferry Maid  leaves for Ullapool on Friday for the weekend regatta, with 13 crew. Ullapool can be a tough one with great competition, but such good fun, with so many of the SCRA clubs attending.

This week’s tides – posted 17 Jul 2018

Rachel reports: Late afternoon and evening are the best times for the next few days, midweek and weekend social sessions are good.

Monday 16th July
12.12 —- 0.3m L.      18.23 —- 6.0m H

Tuesday 17th
12.56 —- 0.5 m L.     19.14 —- 5.8 m H

Wednesday 18th
07.40 —- 5.8 m H.     13.36 —- 0.8 m L.     20.04 —- 5.6 m H

Thursday 19th
08.33 —- 5.5 m H.     14.13 —- 1.1 m L.      20.57 —— 5.7 m H

Friday 20th
09.27 —- 5.3 m H.        14.59 —- 1.5 m L.      21.53 —- 5.0 m H

Saturday 21st
10.28 —- 5.0 m H.      16.12 —- 1.8 m L

Sunday 22nd
11.32 —- 4.9 m H       17.59 —- 1.9 m L

Largs regatta report – posted 19 Jul 2018

Rachel reports: Queensferry had 16 rowers at the regatta, so a good number to enter the seven categories, plus a 3km challenge race. There were 11 clubs and 12 boats — Largs (FOCCRs ) had two boats entered.There were two heats of six skiffs to each race, with first and second going on to the finals.

The races were 500m Sprints, supposedly. But we soon realised there was a miscalculation in length!! It was 800m! However ,we were all up for it and did so well in the heats: 1st in the Women’s Open and the Women’s 50+, 2nd in the Mixed Open and the Mixed Decades. In three other races we just missed out, with respectable 3rds and 4th.

Racing again then in the finals we were delighted with the results:
Silver  in the Women’s Open
Bronze in the Women’s 50+
Bronze in the Mixed Decades

The Duncan Winning Challenge had Louise as cox for Ferry Maid and four rowers from other clubs, rowing our boat in a gruelling 3km race (which may in fact have been 5km) across to Cumbrae and back. Ferry Maid came in 2nd in a field of 12 — great achievement for our Queensferry boat ( and Louise!). Lesley was a rower in the winning boat — Prestwick! She was thrilled!

It was a long day, as we were still racing at 18.30!! However, medals and good food, then music and chat with other clubs, soon revived those who were staying on.

Queensferry were 4th Overall winners of the day. A successful day, it makes regular training sessions worth it. Catch up on more photos on our Flickr page. Well done Queensferry!

Tides for the week ahead – posted 22 Jul 2018

Rachel H reports: It has been a busy weekend on the water, with both boats out and well used both days. Always good to see!

Monday 23rd July
06.38 —- 2.1 m L.      12.34 —- 4.9 m H.      19.03 —- 1.9 m L

Tuesday 24th
07.41 — 1.9 m L.       13.31 —- 5.0 m H       19.52 —- 1.8 m L

Wednesday 25th
08.30 —- 1.6 m L.     14.22 —- 5.1 m H.       20.28 —- 1.7 m L

Thursday 26th
09.10 —- 1.5 m L.     15.08 —- 5.2 m H.       20.13 —- 1.5 m L

Friday 27th
09.35 —- 1.3 m L.     15.48 —- 5.3 m H       20.49 —- 1.3 m L

Saturday 28th
09.10 —— 1.1 m L.      16.23 —- 5.4 m H.    We hope to use a pontoon – permission will be sought, confirmation to follow.

Sunday 29th
09.50 —- 1.0 m L.      16.58 —- 5.4 m H

Tides for the week of 30 July to 5 August – posted 29 Jul 2018

Rachel reports: This week we move into August, and all is well with the tides for the week.

Heavy rain at the weekend – but the forecast is better for the coming week

Monday 30th July
10.28 —- 1.0 mL.      17.35 —- 5.4 m H.      22.41 —- 1.2 m L

Tuesday 31st
11.01 —- 1.0 m L.     18.13 —- 5.3 m H.     23.10 —— 1.2 m L

Wednesday 1st August
11.27 —- 1.1 m L.      18.52 —- 5.3 m H       23.35 —- 1.4 m L

Thursday 2nd
11.54 — 1.2 m L.      19.32 — 5.2 m H.

Friday 3rd
12.29 —- 1.3 m L.      20.14 —- 5.1 m H

Saturday 4th
08.30 —- 5.0 m H.      13.13 —— 1.5 m      21.00 —- 4.9 m H

Sunday 5th
09.20 —- 4.9 m H.      14.06 —— 1.7 m L        21.52 —- 4.8 m H

Bridges T-shirts back in black – posted 31 Jul 2018

Rachel reports: We have a wee supply of black Three Bridges t-shirts in stock, priced at £18.

These are our exclusive design, along with the white ones, and have proven  to be a successful fundraiser for our club, giving us a healthy profit since before the new Crossing opening in September 2017. We now have a lot of marina traffic passing our shed, especially since the new pontoon is taking passengers at high tide on the Forth Belle. We aim  to advertise our T-shirts at each session whenever possible.

If you would like white or any of the popular black contact us for sizes available. We will also take a note of orders for next time. They make great gifts!!!

There are also revised prices for the white bridges T-shirts: Adult white: £13, youth white: £8.

Speak to Keith or myself at the shed or email us at:

Paternal pride – posted 3 Aug 2018

Keith reports: Last minute alert: Mark M’s daughter Anna is the composer/creator of the piece which is being performed as the opening event tonight of the 2018 Edinburgh International Festival. If you haven’t been lucky enough to get tickets the performance, is being streamed live on the EIF Facebook page. Well done Anna and justifiable pride for Mark!!

From the programme: “Working closely with 59 Productions, Scottish composer Anna Meredith has crafted a new work for orchestra based on material found in the Imperial War Museum. Meredith is a composer, producer and performer whose genre-defying works span the worlds of classical, pop and electronic music.”

EIF Facebook page 

Skills training page added – posted 3 Aug 2018

For the information of club members interested in honing their skills or progressing to being a skipper, Mike McDowell’s excellent Training Schedule for competent crew, coxes and skippers has been added to the website. The documents – which can also be viewed in the shed – are available for download by clicking on Resources in the menu.

Click here for the new Skills Training page.

Tides for the week of 6-12 August – posted 6 Aug 2018

Rachel reports: We have had a busy weekend of Rowing, with Ferry Maid out celebrating a 40th birthday on Saturday and an impromptu fishing trip on Sunday!! Ferry Lass continued her regular pleasant Rowing sessions!

Just one blip in the tides this week – Thursday – but rowing is still on offer.

Monday 6th August
10.18 —— 4.9 m H.      15.17 —- 1.9 m L.   22.53 —- 4.8 m H

Tuesday 7th
11.26 —- 5.0 m H        18.03 —- 1.8 m L.      24.00 —- 5.0 m H

Wednesday 8th
06.32 —- 1.7 m L.     12.34 —- 5.2 m H      19.00 — 1.6 m L

Thursday 9th
07.33 —- 1.3 m L       13.37 —- 5.5 m H       19 .59 —- 1.3 m L  –  Barbara will be at the shed to skipper the session from 3pm on, as the tide will be  too low by 6.30pm.

Friday 10th
08.37 —- 0.9 m L.     14.36 —- 5.8 m H.     20.57 —- 1.1 m L

Saturday 11th   Ferry Fair Day
09.36 —- 0.5 m L     15.31 —- 6.0 m H   Rowing after the parade.

Sunday 12th
10.27 —- 0.2 m L.     16.22 —- 6.1 m H .

Have a good week everyone, with plenty opportunity to row.

Tides for the week of 13-19 August – posted 13 Aug 2018

Rachel reports: The tides are good for all our sessions this coming week.

Monday 13th August
11.12 —- 0.1 m L.      17.12 —- 6.2 m H

Tuesday 14th
11.53 —-0.2 m L.       18.01 —- 6.1 m H

Wednesday 15th
06.26 —— 6.1 m H.    12.30 — 0.4 m L      18.49 —- 5.9 m H

Thursday 16th
07.14 —- 5.9 m H.     13.02 —- 0.7 m L.     19.36 — 5.6 m H

Friday 17th
08.02 —- 5.6 m H.     13.32 —- 1.2 m        20.22 —- 5.3 m H

Saturday 18th
08.52 —- 5.2 m H.     14.12 —- 1.6 m L

Sunday 19th
09.49 —- 4.9 m H.      15.17 —- 2.1 m L

While the Maid was away at the Shieldaig Regatta, the Lass took part in the annual Ferry Fair Parade on Saturday, with a good turnout of club members handing out leaflets – and reporting a lot of positive responses!

Photo by John Howell

After the parade a crew rowed out to the Forth Bridge with a very special mission: scattering the ashes of the late John Gray, a veteran rower who joined the club in its early days. John’s daughter Elaine was on board as a passenger for the moving ceremony and oar salute.

Elaine and the crew also scattered flowers
John on the slip with Rachel H and Donna in 2015

Tides for the week of 20 to 26 August – posted 20 Aug 2018

Rachel reports: Another fine weekend of racing has been had, and Coastal Rowing friendships have been caught up with! Saturday is a ‘big one ‘also – North Berwick! Good luck to all!

The tides are good for our sessions this week, although perhaps a bit later start for enough water to launch on Saturday morning .

Monday 20th August
10.58 —- 4.7 m H.      16.45 — 2.3 m L

Tuesday 21st
12.06 — 4.7 m H         18.30 — 2.2 m L

Wednesday 22nd
07.25 —- 2.0 m L.     13.07 —- 4.8 m H      19.25 —- 2.1 m L

Thursday 23rd
08.15 —- 1.8 m L.      13.59 —- 5.0 m H.       20.03 —- 1.9 m L

Friday 24th
08.55 —- 1.5 m L.      14.44 —- 5.2 m H

Saturday 25th
08.07 —- 1.3 m L.       15.23 —- 5.4 m H

Sunday 26th
08.45 —- 1.1 m L.       15.58 —- 5.5 m H

Stranraer Regatta – posted 20 Aug 2018

Dónal reports: A great weekend was had in Stranraer, with some good racing. With a field of 14 Clubs we acquitted ourselves well, finishing on average in the middle of the field. Our best result was the Women’s 50+, who came in 7th of 13. If they had a 60+ category we could have done even better as all the ladies were in that category. We finished 9th overall, with North Berwick taking the title followed by a plethora of Irish Clubs.

Special mention should go to Oisín McVeigh, who rowed in the Men’s Open at aged 14, recording the Club’s best time of the day of 13.19. (Pictured below setting out for the race.) Also deserving of a mention is Alistair Sturrock, who coxed his first race admirably.

Sunday was a fun day with a duck theme. We were Crispy Duck and Duck l’Orange. There was running, rowing and lumpy weather to contend with. Unfortunately no medals were forthcoming. Stranraer put on a fine Regatta with sublime catering. Roll on the Worlds next year.

Men’s Open crew head off to race – our best time of the day
“Mama Duck” outside the Stranraer club’s shed
The results

More photos on Flickr

Tides for the week of 27 August to 2 September – posted 26 Aug 2018

Here are the tides for the coming week as we head into September at the weekend.

Monday 27th August
09.26 — 0.9 m L.      16.33 —- 5.5 m H

Tuesday 28th
10.05 —- 0.8 m L.       17.09 —- 5.5 m H      22.21 — 1.0 m L

Wednesday 29th
10.38 —- 0.8 m L.      17.46 —— 5.5 m H       22.52 —- 1.1 m L

Thursday 30th
11.04 —- 0.9 m L       18.24 —- 5.5 m H        23.16 —- 1.2 m L

Friday 31st
11.29 —- 1.0 m L.     19.03 —- 5.4 m H.

Saturday 1st September
07.19 —- 5.3 m H       12.01 —- 1.2 m L.     19.45 —- 5.2 m H  The tide will be low throughout the session, but we would aim to have pontoon availability.

Sunday 2nd September
08.02 —- 5.2 m H        12.43 —- 1.4m L.      20.30 —- 5.0 m H

A wee drop of rain on Sunday was no deterrent for Stevie, Pat, Marianne, George and Robin

Tides for the week of 3rd to 9th September – posted 3 Sep 2018

Rachel reports: September has arrived and we have had a fine weekend of rowing. We have a few club events coming up for September  as we finish the season, and as we lose the light in the evenings our evening rowing sessions will come to an end — date to be confirmed.

The nights are fair drawing in! Time for a look back to March, and a night row. Photo by Dónal Ferrie

Monday 3rd September
08.51 —- 5.0 m H.      13.35 —- 1.8 m L      21.21 —- 4.9 m H

Tuesday 4th
09.50 —- 4.9 m H      14.50 — 2.1 m L.    22.22 — 4.8 m H

Wednesday 5th
11.00 —- 4.9 m H      17.46 —- 2.0 m L

Thursday 6th
06.19 —- 1.7 m L.   12.15 — 5.1 m H     18.47 — 1.7 m L

Friday 7th
13 .22 — 5.4 m H.     19.46 —- 1.4 m L

Saturday 8th
08.28 — 0.8 m L.     14.21 —- 5.8 m H  No early training .   09.30  Social Session: bacon roll while awaiting water!!

Sunday 9th
09.23 — 0.4 m L.    15.14 —- 6.0 m H     No morning training!

Tides for this week – posted 11 Sep 2018

Monday 10th September
10.09 —— 0.2 m L.      16.03 —- 6.1 m H.    22.15 —- 0.7 m L
Tuesday 11th
10.50 —- 0.1 m L.      16.50 —- 6.2 m H.     22.54 —- 0.6 m L
Wednesday 12th
11.25 —- 0.2 mL.      17.35 — 6.0 m H.       23.29 — 0.7 m L
Thursday 13th 
11.57 — 0.5 m L.        18.19 — 5.8 m H.      23.58 —- 1.0 m L
Friday 14th 
No Rowing available as both boats going to Glasgow.
Saturday 15th 
No Rowing available as both boats competing in Castle to Crane event.
Sunday 16th 
08.12 —- 5.1 m H.      13.14 —- 1.8 m L      20.25 —- 4.9 m H
Rowing as normal.
Last evening Rowing session is coming soon on Thursday 20th September.

Tweed Row photos – posted 11 Sep 2018

A collection of club members’ photos from this year’s Tweed Row is now on Flickr.

Tides for the week of 17 to 23 September – posted 19 Sep 2018

Rachel reports: September is giving us the usual mixed weather pattern, however we are still managing to sneak in some rows. QRC’s Castle to Crane racers managed a perfect weather day on Saturday, with very satisfying results for a 22k race up the Clyde!! Click here for the full results. Both crews beat last year’s time.

Both boats are now back in the shed, although it was a ‘tad breezy‘ on Sunday for rowing. However the members who were there got stuck in to help unload Ferry Lass as she arrived back in Port Edgar. There is more to being a club member than just rowing!! Thank you everyone.

Monday 17th September
09.03 —- 4.8m H. 14.34 —- 2.3 m L. 21.14 —- 4.6 m H

Tuesday 18th
10.15 —- 4.5 m H. 16.05 —— 2.5 m L. 22.35—- 4.4 m H

Wednesday 19th
11.37 —- 4.5 m H. 17.35 —- 2.5 m L.

Thursday 20th
06.59 —- 2.2 m L. 12.41 —— 4.7 m H 18.50 —- 2.3 m L. Last evening Rowing session ! However twilight adventures may call for a row!

Friday 21st
07.47 —- 1.9 m L 13.33 —- 5.0 m H. 19.01 —- 2.0 m L

Saturday 22nd
08.24 —- 1.6 m L. 14.16 —- 5.2 m H. Our annual North v South race, 10am — details will be confirmed.

Sunday 23rd
08.24 —- 1.6 m L. 14.18 —- 5.2 m H. 19.23 —- 1.7 m L No social rowing session – instead there is an interclub row to a beach on the Dalmeny Estate near Barnbougle Castle. Everyone is welcome. Crews have been allocated, but others are walking or cycling along the coast path from Longcraigs Pier to the beach to meet the boats. Other clubs attending are North Queensferry, Newhaven, Eskmuthe and RowPorty.

North v South race – posted 19 Sep 2018

Rachel reports: This is the annual race between Queensferry and our friends in North Queensferry, to be held on Saturday 22nd September from 10am.
At stake is a very nice trophy (see above), which to date has gone evenly back and forward across the river. We won it last year, so hopefully we can break the pattern and keep it again this year!!
The crew for the main race for the trophy is:
Jenny T
Anne P
Stevie W
Peter L —- cox
There will also be a mixed second crew for a ‘fun race‘ at North Queensferry’s request, as they are organising the event.  It will be timed and will want to win this also!! The fun race will take place first, from north to south. Once it’s finished, the trophy race will set off from the south – leaving from just by the old harbour.
We will then enjoy some hospitality with NQ members – all welcome. We can sort out shared transport over and back, and there will be plenty of opportunity for rowers to row back two boats.
Come and support your club, rowing and cheering encouragement!! Plenty rowing availability.

Interclub picnic near Barnbougle Castle – posted 19 Sep 2018

Louise reports: This coming Sunday, the 23rd, we will be joined by crews from North Queensferry, Newhaven, RowPorty and Eskmuthe for a picnic on a beach in the Dalmeny Estate near Barnbougle Castle.

Last year’s event
The plan is to be at the shed for 13:00 to leave Port Edgar no later than 13:30. High tide is around 15:00, so the return row will start after that. Although we will be rowing against the tide both ways, I have planned it to help our friends from much further away to get there and back.
Two crews of six have been organised to row each way. Everyone else is welcome to come by bicycle (20 mins from PE) or walking (1 hour).
Can you let me know if you have a problem with what you are doing, or even if you are in a crew but wanted to row both ways. For those walking i am sure that arrangements can be made for those who have left cars on the promenade to be given a lift back to the shed.
Louise (cox)
Mike B (cox)
Anne P
Anne F
Alison F
Rachel (cox)
Keith (cox)
Anne P
Anne F
This means Marianne, Donna, Rory and Keiran walking out, and Tansy, Alison F, Jennifer and Mike B walking back.
The lat/long to find the location is > 55.996116N  3.341182W. Google Maps link We were lucky last year, so fingers crossed for a good weather again.  Looking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday…

Shed renovations – posted 19 Sep 2018

Peter reports: We have had an agreement from Russell Aitken that we will occupy our shed for at least another three years. With that in mind, the Committee would like to make improvements to the shed and its appearance. There are plans to have the south side of the roof recovered in line with the metalled side. It would be good if some of us could get together as a work party and make a start on the outside of the shed before the colder weather sets in. On Sunday I had my annual gutter cleaner, Jim, have a look at our guttering. He cleaned the gutter and discovered a small leak and a bolt which needs renewing. He will make good the repair during next week.

I have in mind the following:
  • Paint the gutters and down pipes
  • Clean, repair the windows
  • Paint the window frames
  • Paint and treat the whole shed exterior
 Russell has indicated that he would like the shed’s colour to be in line with the other sheds. A few of us are making a start on Thursday at 10am. Anyone is welcome to come and help, or bring a ladder or two to add to what we have and any old paint brushes etc.  I will take a run to Homebase or B&Q. All volunteers names to me please,

Latest photo albums… – posted 19 Sep 2018

Barbara reports: I’ve added photos from the club’s latest exploits to Flickr – any more additions to these would be great, please email them to me at Or I can give you the log-in details if you’d rather upload them yourself.

N v S update – posted 19 Sep 2018

Rachel reports: Here are the final details for our Annual N v S Challenge day,Saturday 22nd September
09.00   Meet at the  shed as normal. We will have time to prepare both boats .
09.40  Ferry Lass will set off with Fun Race North (carrying the trophy) .
Keith — stroke
Marianne – 3
Tracey – 2
Robin — bow
Rachel — Cox
10.15. Fun Race from North to South
Ferry Maid will set off to the wee harbour South side,with Crew 1 for Trophy Race.
My car will be at the harbour, to drive Fun crew back over to North after the race.
A Social crew wishing to Row Lass back to North. after the Fun Race ,please be at the wee harbour  for crew change after race completion. Perfect spot on the water to watch the main race.
11.00 or earlier if ready!
Main Race from South to North.
Gareth — stroke
Jenny T – 3
Lesley — 2
Stevie W – bow
Peter L – cox
Once we have won the races !!!
BBQ  with Bacon, sausage, veg & rolls. Coffee & cake.  All at North Queensferry, courtesy of NQ.
Trophy Presentation to the winning crew
+ NQ have prosecco for each member of the Winning Fun Race Crew!!
After the BBQ , two crews are needed to row home to SQ.
Peter has details of the Port Edgar Watersports Plastic Clean Up 10.00 — 4pm. We have emailed to help. Very worthwhile Community Event!
Perhaps I’ve missed something, if so let me know. Come and cheer the crews at North and South. We can sort transportation back and forth. Barbara has offered and there will be someone else.
We will have Faithful, the Committee Boat, on the water with Len  in charge and Captain Donna on board. This is our safety/umpire/ starter boat!
PS   the weather is looking good!!

Tides for the week ahead – posted 24 Sep 2018

Rachel reports: The club have had a busy weekend ,with end of season activities.
Saturday’s NvS Race saw the trophy going to North for the next year. A lovely interclub BBQ held at the North,to finish off. Flickr photos here, more to come. 
On Sunday ,a good crowd of us ,rowed to the lovely shell beach at Barnbougle castle and were joined by NQ,Newhaven and Portobello. Again a worthwhile  interclub afternoon.
Photos on our Facebook presently. Flickr photos here, more to come.
Monday 24th September
08.20 —- 1.1 m L.     15.31 —- 5.6 m H
Tuesday 25th
09.00 — 0.8 m L.     16.05 —- 5.7 m H
Wednesday 26th
09.38 —- 0.7 m L.     16.41 — 5.7 m H
Thursday 27th
10.11 — 0.7 m L.    17.17 —- 5.7 m H
Friday 28th
10.37 —- 0.8 m L.       17.55 —- 5.6 m H
Saturday 29 th
11.04 —- 0.9 m L.       18.36— 5.5 m H
Sunday 30th
11.37 —- 1.2 m L     19.19 — 5.3 m H
With evening rowing sessions finished now ,there are opportunities for plenty ‘midweek rowing’. For our new members ,the system is — just check the tides and email your intention and availability for crew ,to include a skipper. All replies to own email address ,not the whole group.

A tidy wee sum! – posted 1 Oct 2018

Rachel reports: Here is a  bit of information, which is very pleasing! In April last year, we introduced an easy, ongoing fundraiser, a £1 ‘honesty pot’. This pirate pot below has raised to date £1,117.49!!
Many thanks everyone concerned. Easy done, for extra rowing! This remains as a midweek and training session contribution. Look at the little pot with a different view next time!

Tides for the week ahead – posted 1 Oct 2018

Rachel reports: Here we are moving into October! How did that suddenly happen?? The coming week, looks good for tides and weather, with plenty opportunity for midweek Rowing .

Monday 1st October
07.40 —- 5.3 m H.       12.20 —— 1.5 m L
Tuesday 2nd
08.30 —- 5.1 m H      13.16 —- 1.9 m L
Wednesday 3rd 
09.30 —- 4.9 m H.      14.57 —- 2.3 m L
Thursday 4th 
10.44 —- 4.9 m H.     17.30 —- 2.1 m L
Friday 5th
06.09 —- 1.6 m L.    12.04 —- 5.1 m H.     18.34 —- 1.8 m L
Saturday 6th 
07.14 —- 1.2 m L.     13.12 —- 5.4 m H.
Sunday 7th
08.14 —- 0.8 m L.     14.08 — 5.7 m H
Have a good week everyone.
Barbara adds: Here’s the last social row of September setting out on Sunday afternoon.
Mike B is coxing and wearing his new lifejacket, a retiral gift from his workmates. It’s covered in tweed, with his nickname embroidered on the front. Not for every day use, says Mike! We wish him well in his new life of leisure and of course look forward to seeing him at the shed more often. As ever, more photos on Flickr.

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