Constitution and EGM

Tansy, on behalf of the club secretary, writes: As agreed at our 2019 AGM, the committee have made some amendments to the club constitution. The new constitution is attached to this email and you will find the changes highlighted in green.

As you will appreciate, the usual governance processes for the club are complicated by the fact that we cannot as yet meet in person. The committee have explored the alternatives and decided that this vote and the following meeting to formalise the result should be done with a Survey Monkey poll and a Zoom meeting.

The links for both the survey and the Zoom meeting have been sent via email.

QRC “virtual shed” back in April. Thanks to Val, these meetings are still happening, 10am on Saturdays

As the constitution requires for this kind of change, there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday 27th August 7.30pm via Zoom. We ask all our members who are able, to attend this short meeting to present the result of the poll.

We recognise that this move to digital proceedings might exclude some club members who do not have internet access, so if you know of any members who would require a postal vote instead, please let myself or another member of the committee know. Also, if anyone is unfamiliar with Zoom or worried about the technical aspect, please let us know – we are here to help each other.

We hope that lots of you will be able to attend the EGM on the 27th August, as it will provide a ‘rehearsal’ opportunity for the AGM on 27th October. It will also be nice to see everyone’s faces!

NOTE: The duly amended constitution can be accessed by clicking here.

ON THIS DAY Episode 3

The as-it-happened story of how our club was born, ten years ago.

Mike McD writes: Eleven people* came along to the advertised meeting in Queensferry Boat Club and after introductions and a short discussion ‘The Scottish Coastal Rowing Project – Queensferry’ was born.

‘Funding’ and ‘Building’ were the main topics, with ‘Crewing’ ‘to be discussed later’! Peter L had already looked at ways of raising the necessary £5,000 (an agreed overall budget figure), so he agreed to lead the fundraising, Several people had declared an interest in the build operation, so ‘an experienced boat builder’ would be approached to act as advisor. There remained the question of where it could be built. It was agreed those present would form the Steering Group but that ultimately a decision on how the boat would be managed (ie a Rowing Club), would be required. I was elected Chair, Graham Leith, Secretary, and Peter, Treasurer..

It was agreed that the boat should be complete by 31 March 2011 and that we would invite Anstruther to bring their boat over to Queensferry for the Lifeboat Open day on 20th June.

There would be a further 16 meeting of the Steering Group.

* Mike McD (Vice Commodore QBC), Peter L (himself), Graham Leith and Stuart Ridge (Rotary), Sheena and Ranald Mackay, and John Howell (QBC), Mathew Foster (RNLI & Q High School), Greg Wilson (RNLI), Alan Meldrum (former rower) and Stuart Mitchell (sailor, architect, etc).

Tides for the week of 9-15 December

Dónal writes: Apart from Tuesday the weather should play ball, but we will need a pontoon on Saturday morning if we are to row before the party.

Monday 9th December
0558 —1.6m L. 1254 — 5.2 m H. 1812 – 1.6 m L

Tuesday 10th December
0633 — 1.4m L 1335 — 5.4 m H 1852 — 1.4 m L.

Wednesday 11th December
0709 — 1.2 m L 1415 — 5.6 m H. 1932 — 1.2m L.

Thursday 12th December
0744 — 1.1 m L 1454 — 5.6 m H. 2011 — 1.1 m L

Friday 13th December
0819 — 1.1 m L. 1534 — 5.7 m H. 2048 — 1.0 m L

Saturday 14th December
0853— 1.1 m L. 1615 — 5.7 m H. 2124 — 1.0 m L

Sunday 15th December
0930 — 1.2 m L. 1657 — 5.6 m H. 2202 — 1.0 m L

Keith coxing the Lass in after a row recently. Photo by Denis

Tides for the week of 18-24 November

Dónal writes: The weekend just past was a good one at the shed with some new members. Hopefully we will have the same again next weekend, with plenty of RP cover. I’ll be there for the two days.

Monday 18th November
1101—1.8m L. 1843 — 5.1 m H. 2340 – 1.7 m L

Tuesday 19th November
0716 — 5.1m H 1202 — 2.1 m L 1936 — 4.9 m H.

Wednesday 20th November
0816 — 5.0 m H 1430 — 2.4 m L. 2039 — 4.9m H.

Thursday 21st November
0926 — 5.0 m H 1557 — 2.2 m L. 2153 — 5.0 m H

Friday 22nd November
1039 — 5.2 m H. 1700 — 1.9 m L. 2303 — 5.2 m H

Saturday 23rd November
0541 — 1.2 m L. 1142 — 5.4 m H. 1756 — 1.6 m L

Sunday 24th November
0638 — 0.9 m L. 1237 — 5.7 m H. 1852 — 1.3 m L

A good week for rowing! Photo by Rachel Holburn


Tides for the week of 19-25 August

Dónal writes: My humblest apologies for the lateness of getting this out. It completely slipped my mind, it’s been so busy this month. Best of luck to all our rowers in North Berwick on Saturday, and Gabe and Julie, I hope nobody needs to be “stretched” off Cramond this week 🙂

Monday 19th August
0553—5.4 m H. 1106 — 0.9 m L. 1816 – 5.3 m H

Tuesday 20th August
0630 — 5.3 m H 1131 — 1.1 m L 1855 — 5.2 m H.

Wednesday 21st August
0710 — 5.2 m H 1156 — 1.2 m L. 1934 — 5.1 m H

Thursday 22nd August
0750 — 5.0 m H 1229 — 1.4 m L. 2016 — 4.9 m H

Friday 23rd August
0833 — 4.8 m H. 1310 — 1.7 m L. 2100 — 4.7 m H

Saturday 24th August
0923 — 4.7 m H. 1401 — 2.0 m L. 2152 — 4.6 m H
Ferry Maid away at North Berwick

Sunday 25th August
1023 — 4.6 m H. 1716 — 2.2 m L. 2255 — 4.6 m H