Tides for the week of 11-17 November

Dónal writes: On Saturday we will need a pontoon. Hopefully the training row at 0800 can secure that for us.

Monday 11th November
0657—1.2m L.   1407 — 5.5 m H.   1916 – 1.2 m L

 Tuesday 12th November
0734 — 1.0m L  1442 — 5.6 m  H    1955 — 1.1 m L.

 Wednesday 13th November
0809 — 1.0 m L   1517 — 5.7 m H.   2032 — 1.0m L.

 Thursday 14th November
0840 — 1.0 m L    1554 — 5.6 m H.  2104 — 1.0 m L

 Friday 15th November
0908 — 1.1 m L.   1632 — 5.6 m H.   2132 — 1.1 m L

 Saturday 16th November
0939 — 1.2 m L.   1512 — 5.4 m H.   2204 — 1.2 m L   Pontoon needed

 Sunday 17th November
1015 — 1.5 m L.   1756 — 5.3 m H.   2245 — 1.4 m L

Blast from the past: October 2018, and Ferry Maid’s crew enjoy having Inchcolm all to themselves. Photo by Louise Innes

Christmas Wreath Workshop

Val writes: A sign up sheet is now on the board for a club festive fund raiser, a Christmas wreath-making workshop. This will take place on the same day as the QRC Christmas dinner, on completion of social rowing on Saturday 30th November, from 11am-2pm. The cost £15, with most of that going to club funds, and numbers are limited to around 20.

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I will provide:

  • Mince pies
  • Mulled wine
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Lots of green foliage and caramelised citrus fruit slices
  • Florists wire, garden string
  • Tunes!

You just need a wire coat-hanger, and it would be extremely helpful to you if you had a pair of secateurs and pair of scissors. In terms of decorations, for zero waste, please bring your own baubles, ribbons etc.

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The photos are ideas from the web, all totally achievable in the shed, it’s amazing – people get so creative and every wreath ends up being so different and quite a showstopper!

The boats would have to be left outside until after we’ve completed and swept the shed, and the committee have reviewed and approved this. It’s quite possible (especially if you have done this before) that you could make two or three wreaths to gift to friends etc in the time, so do feel free to bring more than one wire hanger.

 One little plug for help: even if you don’t plan to attend the workshop, if you see any dropped pine cones on your walks/ travels in the next week or so, please collect them (sustainably) and bring them to the shed.

 Any questions about the baubles, ribbons, workshop, or offers of foliage foraging/greenery from your garden etc… direct to me please: Alexander_valerie@hotmail.com


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Tides for the week of 4-10 November

Dónal writes: Here are the tides for the coming week. The water is good all week.

Monday 4th November
0751—4.7m H. 1314 — 2.5 m L. 1953 – 4.6 m H

Tuesday 5th November
0906 — 4.5 m H 1445 — 2.7 m L 2128 — 4.5 m H.

Wednesday 6th November
1023 — 4.6 m H 1626 — 2.6 m L. 2245 — 4.6m H.

Thursday 7th November
1124 — 4.8 m H 1531 — 2.3 m L. 2341 — 4.8 m H

Friday 8th November
0617 — 1.8 m L. 1214 — 5.0 m H. 1758 — 2.1 m H

Saturday 9th November
0646 — 1.6 m L. 1256 — 5.2 m H. 1803 — 1.3 m L

Sunday 10th November
0622 — 1.4 m L. 1333 — 5.4 m H. 1837 — 1.5 m L

Christmas Dinner: make your choices now!

Rebecca writes: It’s less than a month until our Christmas meal – it’s at the Railbridge Bistro on Saturday 30 November at 7pm – so we need to start picking our meal choices.

The menu is reproduced below. It’s £24.95 for three courses, although there is an option for two courses if you prefer for £18.95. Also we need to pay a deposit of  £5 each; you will then pay the rest on the night. You can either leave the money in an envelope addressed to Marion, or transfer to club putting Xmas as the reference and letting Marion know you’ve done that .

Marion has kindly offered to help me get the choices and deposits, so please email her on mgmcdowall@btinternet.com .

Any questions you can still email me at rebeccagatesster@gmail.com .

There’s still time to add your name if you want to come . The list is in the shed or you can let one of us know.


Home made Chicken Liver Pate
served with mulled cranberry chutney, apple butter and rough cut oatcakes
Roast Squash and Fennel Salad
served on a bed of mixed leaves with puy lentils, fresh dill and tarragon finished with lemony ricotta
Soup of the Day
Made with fresh seasonal ingredients served with crusty bread
Thai Fish Skewers
served on noodle salad finished with a Green Thai dressing
Mushroom, Blue Cheese and Sage Arancini
served with white onion puree and dressed leaves

Main Courses

Roast Turkey
served with pigs in blankets, pork sage and chestnut stuffing, roast potatoes and roast root vegetables finished with our own stock gravy
Salmon Supreme
wrapped in parma ham served on mashed potatoes and creamed leek sauce
Braised Beef Cheek
served with roast root vegetables and grain mustard mash finished with red wine jus
Potato Gnocci
cooked in a roast red pepper and tomato sauce with green and cannaleni beans finished with spinach and basil pesto and fresh rocket
Pan Roast Chicken Breast
served with dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables finished with buttered pan juices


Candy Cane Chocolate Mousse
Clementine and White chocolate cheesecake
Selection of Scottish cheese and biscuits
Christmas Pudding with brandy custard

Green Flag for QRC

After a year of Take Five for the Forth and Breakwater Blitzes, QRC was awarded a Green Flag by the SCRA at its agm last month. Click here to read Rachel’s report about the efforts behind the award.

Rachel writes: We have a Green Flag folks, well done Queensferry. Everything we achieved was mentioned and appreciated.