Club kit – sale on

A quick reminder that while club kit is selling in our online store, we still have some “old” kit on hand – and it’s being sold at a good discount. A limited range of sizes is available.

  • Sweatshirt: £11.20
  • Hoodies: £12.48
  • Zoodies: £13.20
  • Polos unisex: £12.24
  • Polos ladies: £12.24
  • T-shirts: £8.64

Keith is organising this, so email him directly to find out what’s still available.

The Superlogo store offers a wider range of kit, including fleeces, waterproof jackets and bags.  Some  clothing is only available in unisex sizes, but we have been able to offer women’s-fit hoodies, and some items in youth sizes for our smaller rowers.

The shop is an experiment initially.  Prices are more expensive, but this is in the context of a very affordable membership fee.  You can order directly, so we do away with the need for someone to manage orders and also avoid club funds being tied up in kit. The Club doesn’t receive any income from kit sales.

New kit – ladies fit full-zip fleece

No shed access Wed 31 Aug – Fri 02 Sept

Club captain Marianne writes: The Marina have been in touch to let me know that the waterfront area from our Shed past Haggis Homes to Coast to Coast Rigging is going to be used for filming from Wednesday 31 Aug to Friday 02 September, inclusive.

Having spoken with Eileen, Mike and Anne P, I’ve decided to suspend rowing for the period of filming.  The side of our Shed facing the water will be part of an area dressed as a down-at-heel garden centre (yeah, I know….).  Given the people and equipment that will be in the area to support filming, it won’t be practical to do our normal activities. The businesses affected will have to be accommodated, so the best thing is for us to be out of the way.

I’m assured that the Shed will be left as it is after filming. The Club won’t be receiving any donations, and there won’t be any opporchancities to promote the club or rowing. We will, however, get a warm fuzzy feeling from being a good neighbour and helpful to our landlord! 

Not QRC’s first brush with film crews… back in 2016, the Maid and crew had a starring role in a Channel 5 documentary about the Forth Bridge.

Any questions, let me know, but unless the filming schedule changes, the Shed won’t be accessible and rowing will be suspended during the dates above.  

Back on Saturday 03 Sept as usual though!

Mud, glorious mud

August club roundup

Club captain Marianne writes: We’ve been busy welcoming visitors recently!

Last Saturday we welcomed Jenny Bath from Augusta, Western Australia, and her sister Alison for a row under the bridges.  The sun stayed away, but we gave them a very warm welcome in the Shed.

Jenny (in the blue cap) enjoys a close-up of the bridge

A week past Saturday, Donna brought her entire online yoga class to give coastal rowing a try! They threw themselves into the experience with huge enthusiasm, and generously made a donation of £140 to club funds. A wonderful afternoon!

Peter’s grandson, Archie, has been out a fair bit recently.  He’s coxing as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award and we are delighted to support him in this. 

Locke the Younger at the helm

We’re looking forward to our favourite club day out at the North Berwick regatta on Sat 27 Aug.  We might not win many medals there, but we usually clean up on the tombola! Who’ll get that bottle of ouzo this time?!  Do come and support us even if you’re not rowing.

A QRC crew – Donna, Calum, Ally, Lynn and Mark C – successfully made an oar-dacious (did you see what I did there?) rescue bid after a family on a powerboat became stuck on the muddier side of the marina. The irony of a powerboat being towed by rowers was not lost on the grateful family!  QRC. The ‘Forth’ Emergency Service.   

And finally, we’re holding a club ‘pot luck’ BBQ tomorrow – after the Lass has been around the town in the Ferry Fair parade. Full details in the earlier email. I hope we’ll see as many of you there as possible for an afternoon of rowing, food and good company!

Social rowing from Monday 8 August

Club vice-captain Mike B writes: I’m afraid that the tides are pretty poor for us this week. We will not be able to have any social rowing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, nor can we have social rowing on Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning though, can I encourage you all to meet at the shed at 09:00 to help prepare one of the boats for the Ferry Fair parade!

The bunting’s ready, the leaflets are printed…

Peter Locke will be supervising the preparations and will advise on the parade. All volunteers to help distribute leaflets alongside the parade will be very welcome. It’s always a very happy occasion taking part in the parade. The weather is forecast to be overcast, with a light breeze and to be very pleasantly warm but not too hot!

After the parade, the tides will be good for rowing, if anyone wants to take a boat out (RP needed of course!).

On Sunday, we shall have turn-up-and-row sessions in Ferry Lass from 13:00 onwards. Ferry Maid will be used for Youth rowing from 13:00 to 14:00 and then for social rowing bookable slots at 14:00 and 15:00. Long distance training will be in Ferry Maid from 16:00 to 18:00. 

Social rowing this month

If you would like a space in the bookable slots, please email me directly on

If you would like a space in the long distance training row, please contact Keith Thomson on directly.

Have a good week and enjoy the Ferry Fair!

The Lass at the Ferry Fair parade in 2019

June update

Club captain Marianne writes: We didn’t manage a Committee meeting this month (though still lots of hard work going on behind the scenes as usual). This is a short update on general news, with a focus on health.

Photo by Cheryl White

Avian Flu

You might have heard in the news that we’re in the grip of a significant outbreak of avian flu, particularly on the east coast of Scotland. While the threat to human health is low, if you find dead birds, please do not handle them. You can report finds to DEFRA 03459 335577. There’s more information on the Scottish Government’s website.

Locally the inner Forth hasn’t seen the same level of bird mortality as the outer Forth because the main species affected aren’t present. However, tides and winds may bring us the evidence of what’s happening further out.


It’s jellyfish season again and between now and the end of summer, you’ll see mainly lion’s mane and moon jellyfish around the marina and on the slip. Launching and recovering the boat is where we might come into contact with them. Jellyfish can still sting even when stranded or dead.

But what to do if you are stung? As Alan S and I learned on recent first aid training, it’s NOT what you’re probably thinking!

  • Flush the area with SEA WATER – use the boat bailers
  • Send someone up the Shed to boil the kettle while you’re doing this
  • You can pull out stings with tweezers, NOT your hands
  • Put the affected area in as hot water as you can stand – use tea towels if it’s too awkward to bathe the area
  • Paracetamol can help with pain

Alan and I are going to look at our current first aid kit in the Shed and in the grab bags to check we have what we need to cover small incidents.


Please take a moment next time you’re down to make you know where the defibrillator is – on the wall of the red brick laundry building at the top of the slip. If you’re ever sent for it, take your mobile phone as you’ll need to call 999 and get a code in order to open the box it sits in.

Club first aiders are: Alan Sutherland, Alexander Thiboutot, Dónal Ferrie and Marianne Sandison. Staff at the Watersports Centre and the Coastguard Station are also trained, would be happy to help. The Coastguard Station has access to equipment we can’t carry.

And that’s it for June. Enjoy your rowing!

One more wee addition: in case you haven’t seen it, here is the St Ayles 10th anniversary film. Well worth a watch, with some familiar faces.