SCRA Committee Nomination

Club vice-captain Dónal writes: At the upcoming AGM for the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association there are two places for the Committee to be filled. This is the perfect opportunity for QRC to be represented on the governing body of the sport that we all love.

 The QRC Committee have agreed to nominate our outgoing club Captain, Anne P. We wish her the best of luck in her efforts to get on the SCRA Committee.

On this day in history

Club vice-captain Dónal writes: On October 16th 1939, the first German air raid on the UK happened when a Junkers 88 attacked the Firth of Forth and the naval dockyard of Rosyth.

A Luftwaffe aerial shot of the raid in progress

Click here to read an eye witness report by a passenger on the Edinburgh to Aberdeen train, which was crossing the Forth Bridge at the time.

Almost simultaneously there was a giant waterspout as high as the bridge alongside one of the capital ships and a barge tied up alongside; it seemed to fly up in the air! In later life I discovered it was HMS Southampton. There were two or three other explosions further off and one of the ships was actually struck; it was HMS Mohawk and casualties were sustained on board. The German bombers were in plain sight only a short distance away flying parallel to the bridge. Meanwhile the train stopped briefly and as it did so the painters and riggers working scrambled from the scaffolding of the bridge and made for shelter.

Edward Thompson

Val added another article with interesting information, this time from the History Press.

Rowing suspended from tomorrow

QRC Covid officer Marianne writes: You’ll all be aware that the First Minister has announced some further restrictions as Covid infection rates rise.  These restrictions apply to specific health board areas, including Lothian, where most of our members live, and where of course the Club is.

Unfortunately the announcement included the suspension of organised contact sport for over-18s.  Rowing is considered a contact sport for the purposes of Covid because of the proximity of rowers (see SCRA guidance for a full explanation).  This means that from midnight on Friday 09 Oct until midnight on Sunday 25 October, rowing is OFF once again.  

You can read the SCRA’s Covid update – there may be more to come, but I’ll let you all know.

All the crews currently booked in on Thursday and Friday can go out.  Thanks to you all for making the back to rowing protocol and booking system work so well.  We will be back on the water, all things being well, in a couple of weeks.  This time we will be poised and ready to go!

Midweek Rowing resumes

Mike B writes: I am very pleased to be able to advise you all that the Committee has authorised the resumption of Midweek Rowing!

The mechanism for booking a boat is as it was before lockdown – place an entry in the Google calendar for either Ferry Lass or Ferry Maid. (You should be able to access these from this website. Any problems, contact Barbara.) If you already have a crew, please put details of the RP and crew members in the calendar record description box. If you don’t have a crew, but want to organise a row, just send out a call for crew members to the queensferry-rowing-club email address (and then put the details into the calendar record). You should also, of course, make a note of the crew members in the book at the shed. Please bring your own pen!

All the restrictions that apply to our social rowing at the moment will still apply in midweek rowing – for example crew members should arrive at the shed ready to row – there is no changing permitted in the shed and only two persons to be in the shed at any one time.

The Maid gets a post-row scrub

Please also ensure that when you return from rowing that the crew members disperse from the area of the shed immediately the cleaning work on the boat is complete and the boat is safely back in the shed. We have to ensure that there is no possibility for different crews to interact so please do check in the calendars to make sure the other boat is not also being used. If it is, then your rowing slot should begin at least 1 hour after the other boat commenced its slot, or finished its slot.

I know that the lack of socialising before and after rowing is a bit of a blow to members – but if you do want to have a coffee, some cake and a bit of a chat, why not do it when you are out in the boat rowing…that should be acceptable I think, as you will be in a defined bubble during your row.

Have a great time everyone.

At last! A Return to Rowing

Mike B writes: As of this weekend, we are back on the water.

Several crews enjoyed clear skies for their return to rowing at the weekend

Some weeks ago a survey was carried out to ask how members categorised the COVID risk level they were prepared to accept when rowing – the results of that survey allowed us to create three categories of rowers from whom to draw crew members when scheduling rowing slots. If you missed the survey, or preferred not to reply to it, but would now like to take part in rowing once more, please could you email me directly on to confirm which category of rower you would like to row with.

The three categories of rower are:

  1. General rowers (rowers who are happy to go out and about in the community and have no especial COVID risk factors to consider)
  2. Limited Exposure rowers (rowers who have been limiting their exposure to the wider community)
  3. Shielding rowers (rowers who have been in shielding or in a defined bubble and wish only to row with others who have been shielding or bubbling)

As rowing slots are scheduled, we will ensure that slots are available for each category of rower in proportion to the numbers of members in each category. The RPs have been separately surveyed and grouped in the same way, so as to ensure that the entire crew fits into the same category for each row.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

And we weren’t the only club out on the river! Photo by Rachel Holburn

For more photos from the weekend, click here.