Hogmanay update

Mike B writes: I regret that we shall have to cancel the rowing slots scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday the 1st of January due to expected high winds and lack of demand.

There are still rowing spaces in the 2pm slot on Sunday, and lots of spaces for the planned slots on Monday and Tuesday.

Have a good New Year when it comes!

Rowing over the New Year period

Mike B writes: The tides are great for rowing on Saturday 1st January and the following three days.

I have set up social rowing slots in Ferry Lass for 12:00, 13:00, and 14:00 on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of January. If you want a place in the crews for any of those times/days, please email me directly on mikebreewood@gmail.com.

There is one caveat – the winds on Saturday the 1st January are forecast to be close to our operating limit of 21mph – and, as always, any decision on whether to go out or to cancel will be made by the RP in each crew.

The remaining days should be OK from a wind point of view. There is light snow forecast for Tuesday though…

Have a great New Year when it comes.

Photo by Scott

Covid rules and festive social rowing

Club captain Marianne writes: Following the latest announcement about Covid rules in Scotland on Tues 21 Dec, I’m happy to say no changes for us – rowing can continue. Hooray!

The Shed remains closed, except for boat maintenance. Given the situation, it’s really important that you respect all the measures the Committee have agreed. These include sanitising and cleaning the boat and equipment, taking a test prior to to rowing, using our track and trace QR code and, most importantly, not coming down to row if you feel unwell or have any symptoms. These things make  big difference to helping us keep rowing. 

In other news… Well done to Barbara for holding the winning number in Rachel’s Christmas cake raffle, which raised £138 for club funds. (Half of the cake has gone to the staff of a care home, and the other half will be in the shed today in crew-sized packets of slices.)

Rachel’s cake

The boat maintenance team continue their work on Ferry Maid and she’s looking really good. 

Mike B adds: Given that Saturday and Sunday will most likely be eat, drink and be merry days, there will be no social rowing this weekend. However, the Committee is mindful that you may wish to have a chance to work off the excesses of the weekend and has arranged social rowing opportunities on Monday the 27th of December and Tuesday the 28th of December.

Rowing slots will be 09:00, 10:00 and 11:00 on each day.

We are assuming that only Ferry Lass will be available, as the varnish on Ferry Maid may take some time to dry and harden off in the current cold and damp weather. If you would like to take part in any of the rowing slots on Monday and Tuesday, please email mikebreewood@gmail.com to book a place.

Rowing is back!

Club captain Marianne writes: Some positive news for you today!

Following SCRA advice, the RTR Group has met and made recommendations to the Committee.  Happily we can return to rowing, though not the Shed, following these rules.  They are small things, but if we all stick to them, it can really make a difference.

  1. Rowing can resume, but all rows, including social rowing, must be booked with Mike B.  There’s no need to keep a gap between crews.
  2. There should be no more than 3 people in the Shed when retrieving equipment to set up the boat(s). Try to keep 2m distance.
  3. The Shed remains closed for socialising at this time.  Boat maintenance can take place, but limited to  three people at a time, wearing face masks.  
  4. All hygiene measures must continue, i.e. sanitising of the boat’s touch points between crews and boat washing at the end of the day.  Members must continue to sign in using the QR code (remember one person can sign the whole crew in), or sign in the book if your phone doesn’t recognise QR codes.
  5. If the cox/stroke, or any other member of a crew feels more comfortable wearing a mask, they should do so.
  6. We strongly recommend that members take a lateral flow test before coming down to row.  
  7. You should not come down to row if you have any symptoms or feel unwell, even if this means your crew cannot get out.

Rowing is important to all of us, so please stick to these simple rules.  Click here to view and download the updated protocol. We’ll keep monitoring the Covid situation closely.

Thanks to the RTR Group and the Committee for acting so quickly today.  Thanks to all on the maintenance team for your continued work on Ferry Lass.  She is going to look glorious!  

The Lass earlier this month. Photo by May Macleod

Club vice-captain Mike B adds: Now that we are back in rowing action, I have set up three slots for Social rowing tomorrow afternoon; 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.
Please email me if you would like a place on any of those slots.

I’m especially keen to hear if RPs will be coming along, as, of course, they are absolutely necessary to allow any rowing at all!

New COVID measures

Club captain Marianne writes: Following the announcements re the worrying spread of the Omicron variant, I need to let you know that the Committee has taken some decisions on the advice of the Return to Rowing subgroup. 
Covid measures from Tuesday 14 December.

  1. Suspension of all rowing with immediate effect until further notice.
  2. Closure of the Shed, with immediate effect until further notice.
  3. Boat maintenance (but not Shed maintenance) to continue, but limited to three members, with at least the pedestrian door to remain open at all times for ventilation, masks to be worn, hygiene measures to be taken. 

The Committee has agreed that a small group (4-5) can go down at the Shed on Friday to turn the boat outside to allow further maintenance to take place.

I know this will be disappointing for everyone and it’s not something we are doing lightly.  We have a duty of care to members and hopefully by playing our part, our club community can help keep each other safe over the Christmas period.

The Committee and RTR Group will, as always, keep this under active review.

Crews at Port Laing in January 2020. Photo by Dónal Ferrie