Happy confusion of dates

Peter noted on Tuesday that it was Ferry Maid’s 9th birthday, and that the occasion would be marked by a celebratory row by the men’s 60+ crew. Good timing, because much-needed maintenance work starts on the boat on Wednesday. Sheena, who saw off the Maid on her launch back in 2012, was at the harbour to greet the crew, and sent the club this message: “The weather nine years ago was lovely too and a day to remember. Happy rowing everybody.”

Sheena greets the Maid and crew on Tuesday

Let’s have Peter take up the tale: Some of you who have done training with me may remember me saying “If you are going to make a mistake, do it confidently.” Now, this is mainly for the potential archivists/historians of the future.

Sheena called me last night – and remember, it is Sheena who graciously set Ferry Maid off into the Harbour. She said, “Peter I have 24th November in my diary as the launch of Ferry Maid.” Well, of course she is correct! I can only apologise for my confident mistake. I could not have asked Mr Meredith and team for another day and as one of the ladies said yesterday morning, “Forecast is not good for tomorrow.”

So, the date for next year’s diary: 10th Anniversary of Launch of Ferry Maid, 24th November, 2022!!

Sheena launches the Maid in 2012