Nominations update

Club captain Dónal writes: As you will know, this year’s nominations haven’t quite gone as it normally would. It was assumed that all the Office Bearers were staying on for another year. However due to various circumstances some of us are unable to.

However, there will be continuity going forward as two of the current office bearers and a number of the committee members have expressed a desire to continue. The following are those that are willing to put themselves forward to help take the Club through the next year and beyond:

Captain – Marianne Sandison. Proposer: Dónal Ferrie, Seconder: Peter Locke.
Vice-Captain – Mike Breewood. Proposer: Marianne Sandison, Seconder: Peter Locke.
Treasurer – Anne Purcell. Proposer: Maria van Dalen, Seconder: Tansy Lee Moir.
Secretary – Tony Bacon. Proposer: Peter Locke, Seconder: Lorna Bark.

John Howell. Proposer: Beth Christie, Seconder: Marianne Sandison.
Beth Christie. Proposer: Marianne Sandison, Seconder: John Howell.
Lesley Jones. Proposer: Marianne Sandison, Seconder: Lorna Bark.
Douglas Carse. Proposer: Alistair Sturrock, Seconder: Alan Duch.
Alan Sutherland. Proposer: Peter Locke, Seconder: Douglas Carse.
Scott Boyd. Proposer: Lorna Bark, Seconder: Marianne Sandison.
Louise Innes. Proposer: Peter Locke, Seconder: Donna Martin.

The final deadline for nominations is Thursday October 14th. If anyone else wants to put themselves forward can you please contact Lorna on with a proposer and a seconder.