North v South challenge

Just a quick post to say there are some photos on Flickr now of the two North v South races. The South won the “fun” race, while North Queensferry took the trophy back home with them.

The times were: Fun race (south to north) South Queensferry 13:12, North Queensferry 14.13; trophy race (north to south) North Queensferry 12:45, South Queensferry 13:33. Well done everyone!

The first race under way.

As it was Robert Burns Day, afterwards everyone repaired to the QRC shed to enjoy a great spread of haggis, neeps and tatties, prepared by Jenny. Peter piped in the haggis and then gave the Address.  Click here to view a video of Peter’s Address to the Haggis 

To further honour the national poet, Georgina sang Scots Wha’ Hae – a rendition that won her the Burns Prize at her school the day before. Click here to view a video of Georgina singing Scots Wha’ Hae 

More photos on Flickr