RtR – getting there

Marianne writes: A wee update on where we are with the return to rowing …

Twelve RPs have been out and had the full-on ‘return to rowing’ protocol experience. Thanks to all of you for stepping up and providing valuable, positive feedback. We’ll hopefully have two more RPs out today, as grand total of 14 (12+2=hard sums).

Industrial quantities of sanitising/cleaning supplies are either in the Shed, or on order, but there’s plenty to be going on with. The delivery guy thinks I have a cleaning festish… or I’m planning a crime.

Washing down the Maid with soapy water post-row. The boat has never been so clean.

This website now has a Covid page, where you’ll find the most up-to-date information as it comes out. When changes happen it may take a day or two to be updated.

Tansy has sent out a short questionnaire on behalf of the Committee which should help inform us about how members feel about getting back to rowing. Please fill this in.

Anne F has sought the views of RPs.

Risk assessment complete. (What a fun night that was).

Reflecting the community club we are, Mike B is investigating a booking process to allow us to return to rowing as fairly and equitably as possible, i.e. so everyone who wants to has a chance to row in a group they are comfortable with, e.g. with others taking extra health precautions.

Some of the actions sit with the RTR subgroup, some with the Committee. As ever, everyone is working incredibly hard to make this happen!

We’re obviously seeing a move to greater lockdown at the moment. There’s currently no suggestion that organised sport is going to be impacted. It does makes it all the more important that we ALL follow the ScotGov and QRC guidelines the Committee have approved to keep everyone safe.

Finally, it’s obviously a bit disappointing we’re not able to take part in C2C, but no reason why we can’t do it in a few week’s time when we’re fully back on the water – something to look forward to! … And we can love-bomb social media with photos of us with our beautiful bridges!