Your club needs you!

Marianne writes: Below is the subgroup paper that went to the Committee at the last meeting for your input.  

Your Actions Are:

  1. review membership
  2. sign up for subgroups

  The point of this exercise is to update the groups, so let me know using where your name should/shouldn’t appear and I’ll amend the paper so we have an accurate record.  Feel free to give yourself a new challenge and join a new group!

Subgroups are a valuable way of getting tasks done, and allow club members to use their skills, expertise and enthusiasm to contribute positively to the Club. Some subgroups will be permanent (standing subgroups such as the Technical subgroup), others may be time-limited to tackle specific tasks, e.g. Regatta subgroup.

Guidelines for operation of subgroups
All subgroups must:

  1. be approved by the Committee;
  2. be open to all members to join;
  3. report to each Committee meeting by email (nil return is fine) via a nominated person;
  4. ensure ALL expenditure is approved by the Committee prior to spending (and receipts provided to the Treasurer).

Prior to the AGM, all subgroups will submit a report of the year. It will be up to the new Committee to re-establish subgroups as required, though most groups are likely to continue.

The existing groups are:

1. TnT Group
(Technique and
To develop and improve club training activities. Crew selection for regattas etc. Anne P, Anne F, Mel, Marianne, Maria, Lesley
2. Cox/Skipper
To advance cox and skipper skills.Peter, Rachel H, Mike McD, John H, Donna, Rory
3. ITTo support the club in IT mattersMike B, Barbara
4. Social/fundraisingTo organise social and fundraising events.Lorna, Tracey, Val, Steph, Marianne
5. TechnicalTo carry out boat and accommodation maintenance and repairs as well as alterations, improvements, additions etc.Anne F, Steph, Mike B, Mark, Douglas, Alistair, John H, Keith, Alan S
6. QRC Regatta/ RowAroundTo organise the QRC regatta/ RowAroundDónal, Stevie W
7. Youth
To develop and promote youth rowing, and the integration of youth rowers into club life.Peter, Louise, Rachel H, Marianne, Dónal
8. GreeningTo continue and coordinate club greening effortsRachel, Keith, Stevie W, Gabe
9. Club DevelopmentTo investigate and make proposals for: amending constitution, SCIO charitable status, funding options, new premisesAlan S, Steph, Anne F, Beth, Keith
10. QRC 10th
To mark this milestone in the club’s history.Dónal, Peter, Stevie W

The Return to Rowing group will continue as John H, Maria, Anne P, Anne F, Marianne, Dónal. The remit will remain to be ‘to establish and revise Covid-19 procedures and protocols with respect to rowing and the Shed’.